Thursday, June 30, 2011

Leonard's Bakery

Today was an eventful and productive "foodie day," as I like to call it. Late lunch at Zaratez, Shave ice at Waiola's, and finally a quick stop at Leonard's Bakery for some Malasadas!!! Yum!! I usually only stop in there with the intention of ordering one plain sugar malasada, but after reading Yelp reviews, I knew I just had to try the Cinnamon/sugar malasada, the LiHing Mui malasada, and of course, the stuffed custard one!

So there I was in line ordering 4 malasadas all for myself! Haha. (Hey, who cares, for 90 cents each, it's a bargain!) For the stuffed malasadas, I believe they have a chocolate (dobash) stuffed one, custard, and haupia stuffed. I'm not a big chocolate lover...I actually hate chocolate cake, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate in general, besides a few exceptions like hot chocolate and Hershey kisses. Therefore, I opted just for the custard-filled malasada. They also have a flavor of the month-stuffed malasada. This month was Banana. Yelpers have said it has a quite artificial banana taste to it, and did not like it, so I definitely wasn't going to get that one! Since July's coming up, get ready for flavor of the month, Mango!!

Verdict of 4 different malasadas? I always thought I'd only like the plain sugar one, since that's the one most associate with malasadas, however, after trying the cinnamon/sugar, custard-filled, and lihing mui, I really came to enjoy the lihing mui one! I thought it would be very overpowering, but it had a nice salty/sweet kick to it that was oddly pleasant and enjoyable.

This brings me to a great case in point regarding this blog. My parents told me many stories about when I was a little girl- how I never liked a lot of food and how hard they found it to make food I'd short, I was a very picky eater. However, as I've grown over the years, I've found myself trying many new foods and having an open mind. It's become one of my priorities. I really want to taste what the world has to offer. Many travel the world wanting to learn about new cultures. Me? I want to TASTE it! So this blog is not only about sharing my tasty eats and adventures with you, but also encouraging you to have an open mind (and open mouth) when new food and/or opportunities are put in front of you (or on your plate). Force yourself to try new things. Trust me, you won't regret it. You might find your new favorite food!
I hope all of you see that as my intention for this blog.

Thanks for letting me get that in there. Now, back to Leonard's.....!

This place opens at 530am and closes at 9am. If you can't get to the actual store location on Kapahulu Avenue, look for their red and white striped malasada trucks, to get 'em on-the-go!

Btw, they are also known for their Pao Doce with portuguese sausage. Pao Doce is a portuguese sweet bread, but Leonard's adds portuguese sausage to the center. Got to try this next time!

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