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Now, readers and fellow bloggers, I've finally gotten around to trying Sikdorak! After many of you asked how it compared to Shillawon's Korean BBQ, I finally have an answer! Sikdorak is a much smaller place, located in Samsung Plaza on Keaaumoku (or Koreamoku as I like to call it). Parking is tight with a small parking lot. I'd suggest taking the first stall you see. Remember as you drive in, grab a ticket from the parking attendant, and get it validated after you eat for up to 4 hours of free parking!

Having been open for only a short amount of time (opened end of 2010), Sikdorak (meaning "epicure") offers the finest meat and Korean authenticity to locals and many expatriates. I'm assuming it's up to par, because me and my friend, Grant, were the only local people in there! We were also the only ones eating the All you can eat BBQ. I think that's a local thing...ordering the BBQ. Most of the expatriates were ordering meals in a bowl- I'm assuming Bibimbap or the cold noodles, not some westernized Korean BBQ.

We also thought lunch would be crazy busy, but were pleased to find no line and lots of tables at 1:15pm. Don't get me wrong though, there were lots of patrons eating there throughout the day! Sikdorak makes it one of their priorities to stay open for lunch until 5pm!

Price is also a plus, offering All you can eat Korean BBQ at $19.95 per person. A whole $6 less than Shillawon. Another famous dish, Buckwheat noodles in cold or hot soup, is offered at lunch for a mere $3.95!! How can you beat that!?

The negatives? The Banchan (side dishes) were not as plentiful, as varietal or as tasty as Shillawon's. The hot tofu soup (which was my favorite), and seafood pancake we got for free because I had a coupon. (See below for that!) Another thing- we had to cut our own meat! The marinated and seasoned meat came on 3-5 medium-sized plates.......and also came with tongs and big scissors! We lifted up the meat to put on the grill, and was surprised to pick up the entire plate of raw meat. Lightbulb! Now, we know what the scissors are for...

BUT, what I did really enjoy was the manager, Charles Chang! What an entertaining and humorous guy he is! From the moment we stepped in, he was already cracking jokes! I came in snapping photos of the door sign and he immediately reacts with "Hey, no pictures are allowed," with a serious face. I thought he was going to come over, grab my camera, and delete my pictures, but his seriously stoic face instantly turned into a warm, big smile. He then told me he's "just kidding." That, alone, really lightened the mood and made us feel comfortable. What a very personable guy! He told us stories the entire time! Other than him, the other waitress never smiled once nor said much, but we didn't care, Charles was awesome!

The verdict? I really like both places, but the fact that the manager, Charles, was so friendly adds major bonus points. Being in the marketing/sales business myself, I feel customer service and relationship-building is a huge must. It can be the reason why a client/customer/patron comes back to you or not.

I'd ultimately go back to both for different reasons. If I was in the mood for All you can eat BBQ, I'd probably eat the $6 extra cost and go to Shillawon. Cleaner, bigger establishment plus a slightly better parking situation, plus the meat is already sliced and cut into bite size pieces, and of course, I am absolutely in love with their cold cinnamon tea!!!!!! I also liked more of Shillawon's Banchan dishes. Their salad is one of my favorites. Sikdorak had the salad banchan, but I prefer Shillawon's.

If I was in the mood for authentic korean food at a cheap price, with a side of laughs (from Charles), I'd probably stop by Sikdorak. Not only was his personality a winner in itself, but I really like the price. You seriously can't beat some of the lunch deals! Their hot tofu soup is a must (It was essentially spicy miso soup with tender slices of zucchini, green jalapenos and big cubes of tofu. Unbeatable.), plus I'd really like to try their Buckwheat cold noodle soup at $3.95 a pop! Unreal!

Some last thoughts to consider- (1) Sikdorak is open 24 hours. Good for those late night hunger pains, or after the club or drinking. Plus, you can go there from 6am- 5pm for some Hangover Soup the next day! (2) Both places charge extra if you waste meat (3) Sikdorak asks you what kind of meat you want, whereas Shillawon just brings a huge plate of everything. We did ask for no tongue though :P

Buckwheat at $3.95 and Shabu Shabu in special sauce for $19.95

Kim Chee and spicy "something else" in large containers on each table!


Better at Shillawon!

The usual sauces

Best hot tofu soup EVER!

Seafood pancake!

Huge piece of rib-eye!

This is how we got the hot tofu soup and pancake for free!
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Go soon, only valid until 6/30/11!

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