Sunday, June 19, 2011


Another Korean restaurant open late and located on "Koreamoku," this is a favorite amongst late night party-goers. Open 24 hours!!

Known as "Hangover Soup"

Comes with clear noodles, egg, onions, and some other good "gunk"
in a spicy broth

Bi Bim Bap- my favorite!

Thank God we had our Korean friend with us to help order,
and tell us how to mix this Bi Bim Bap.
Mix in your preferred amount of spicy red sauce,
and be sure to press down the rice, so the hot pot makes it crisp!
If you love crispy rice, you'll love this!

Love my new Butik top that you can essentially pair with anything, for a chic going-out look or more for a casual look. Also seen here, paired with a black and white zig-zaggy maxi skirt.

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