Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Zaratez UPDATED!

One of my weekly routines is visiting my favorite taco truck, Zaratez Mexicatessen, and its owner, Paul! I always have a major craving for his delicious carnitas tacos. Today, though, I changed it up and ordered a Carnitas Mulita. The first time I tried it with Carne Asada. Basically, what I like to call it, is a quesadilla...though, I always cringe when I say that in front of Paul, because I don't want to insult him! He likes to call it, "a cheesy taco." Anyway, I really liked the mulita and finished it all, however I still like my original Carnitas Tacos :P

Doesn't this plate look absolutely incredible? Making your mouth water? Yeah...I thought so :P Mine too!

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