Sunday, June 19, 2011

JJ Dolans

After Soul De Cuba, Kristen and I headed to JJ Dolans (another downtown hotspot) to meet some friends. I've always wanted to try their pizza, so I was quite ecstatic! I have to admit after trying their pizza, I rate it as one of the best. I do like V Lounge, especially the convenience of it, but if parking and crazy people on drugs weren't an issue in downtown, I would come here all the time!

JJ Dolans was not only a Pau Hana spot, good for pizza and beer, but also families and parties! A lot of the patrons in there were adults with little kids having pizza. A really nice sports bar welcoming everybody!

As for the food, we went with the suggestions of our friends, who work in downtown and come here for pau hana/dinner. We started with 2 Caprese salads and also half "Ms Piggy" and half Margherita pizza. If you order one of their specials, the Ms Piggy, be prepared for a lot of meat! Ms Piggy comes with Portuguese Sausage, Italian Sausage, Ham, Bacon and Bleu Cheese. I preferred the Margherita, which is basically mozzarella and tomatoes. It was much lighter, juicier and cheesier!

Our bartender/waiter knew our friends and had worked with them before, so he made us some special shots, with which he called Grape Otter Pops! YUM! He also served them in what seemed like regular cocktail glasses, which made it look like a triple shot!

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