Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Waiola's Shave Ice

After my Zaratez run, I had to stop into Waiola's Shave Ice, right next door. It was a blazing hot day, and this seemed like the perfect thing after chowing down on a deliciously, spicy mulita (cheesy taco), and feeling the heat rise from the asphalt.

Read a ton of reviews on Waiola's last night before bed, just to see what flavors people choose for their shave ice. My usual boringness of a shave ice is Strawberry and Vanilla with ice cream and condensed milk. I wanted to try something different.

Most people favorites were:
Strawberry cream and lychee
Melona and lychee
Melona and lilikoi cream
Lilikoi and Lychee
Strawberry cream and calpico
Melona and calpico
and most favored toppings/sides were condensed milk, ice cream, flan/custard, mochi balls, and lilikoi cream (mentioned a good amount of times)

AHH, the choices!! So I went with Lilikoi and Lychee. I thought it would be a light and refreshing combination, plus I wanted lilikoi cream on top, plus ice cream, plus the flan, plus condensed milk. Could you do that?!! Apparently...YES! And only for $6? I thought it was a deal with all the stuff I plopped in my shave ice bowl.

My friend, Ike, had a mocha shave ice with condensed milk. Essentially what they did was take a Starbucks Mocha Frap bottle out of the fridge and poured that on top of his shave ice. Wow, really!?! That's the mocha? We later talked about how much of a rip off that was, as we should have just gone to the store to buy the bottle for like $2 (he paid $4 for the shave ice). And they didn't even let Ike have the rest of the frap in the bottle!

Verdict? I definitely don't think Ike will order that mocha shave ice again. And I know he forgot to order the mochi balls, so maybe next time will be better. For me- Flan is definitely a NO GO. It was not sweet at all, and tasted like egg in my shave ice. GROSS. I mean, I know what custard tastes like, and it's good. This custard/flan, whatever you want to call it, was really unappetizing in my shave ice. I made Ike try it, and he definitely agreed while making an unappetizing face at me. Everything else was spot on though, from the lychee and lilikoi flavors to the lilikoi cream to the ice cream. If I had not ordered the flan, everything would have been perfect! Just like some Yelpers had mentioned, the lilikoi cream has little black specks in it, the lilikoi seeds! I know some might think it's weird, but I enjoyed the little crunch it added. I would recommend it!

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