Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The FFF's Top 10+

I have had many requests to do a Top 10. While I find this very hard for the mere fact that some places are good at certain things, here is my list with a few notes on why I've picked them.

Ichiriki/Ichiriki Loft- you've all seen my posts on why I love this place. Their sukiyaki and nabe are the bests on the island. Broth has mucho flavor and taste. I also learned how to make and love zosui here. You must save room for zosui and try this. If there is anything that I love the most about this place (besides the casual and comfy atmosphere in the Loft), it has to be the Zosui! Read about Ichiriki here and here. Also, though it was not mentioned, most of my outfit posts are from Ichiriki. We go there on a weekly basis, because I need my fix!

Pineapple Room- Read my two posts here and here. The perfect place for lunch with your bf/husband, lunch with the girls, or lunch with Mom! Located on the 3rd floor of Macy's, it's a nice place to rest your feet after shopping. Get their Plantation Iced Tea and Kalua Pig BLT.

Yotteko-Ya- Great place for a short lunch, especially if you're craving Ramen. This is my absolute favorite Ramen! They simmer and cook the meat and broth for hours. When they sell out for the day, that's it! Read here.

Serg's- I love this authentic mexican place! #1 recommendation is their Beef Flauta and a cold, refreshing Horchata! Read here and here.

Zaratez Mexicatessen- I am absolutely in love with Zaratez, since finding it only a couple weeks ago. An absolutely perfect taco truck parked next to Waiola's in Kapahulu, this truck is perfect for a quick snack before or after the beach. And if you're hot, grab a cold shave ice next door! I recommend getting the Carnitas Tacos or trying a Mulita! Open all day- read here!

Kahuku Shrimp Trucks- Visiting Oahu? Or a local, this is a must. The long drive to North Shore is beautiful, and the food/shrimp is one of a kind. Stop at either Romy's or Fumi's! Giovanni's doesn't sell fresh shrimp from their farm...it's frozen and shipped in from Asia! Fumi's has a variety of cooking ways to prepare your shrimp...they also serve Shave ice! Romy's is great as well, and offers a pound of monster steamed prawns! Sweet meat! Read both here.

Jimbo's- It's one of my favorite lunch or dinner places. Their Udon is the best on the island. Their combos (udon + rice) boost a great value, and you can either order fat or skinny noodles! Located on King Street by Kochi! Read my post on Jimbo's HERE!

La Tour- If you're looking for the best macarons on the island, La Tour is the place to go! First went here to try their Paninis and lunch menu, but found their macarons to be one of a kind. Different flavors and a chewier texture than most. I really like that. Read here.

Boots and Kimo's- Read about this Kailua Restaurant here! You must come here at least once in your lifetime. Their lunch/brunch menu offers a variety of foods for the non-breakfast eater, though this is definitely a breakfast-kinda-place. Offering the usual breakfast options, order a meal each and split their famous Pancakes with Mac Nut Sauce. You will not regret it!!!!!

Cinnamon's- Another Kailua favorite of mine, this place has the best Kalua Pig Eggs Benedict. I ordered a half order, but wish I had ordered the full one! They also specialize in their famous Guava Chiffon pancakes or their Red Velvet Pancakes. Like I said before, I'm not a big sweets person and enjoyed the bene way more, but a lot of people come here just for the pancakes! Read here.

Crepes No Ka 'Oi- Having gone to school in SF for 4 years, I've come to adore crepes. Can't find decent crepes and delicious savory options anywhere else. My favorite? The Godfather. Essentially, a Caprese salad in a crepe. Genius! Read the geniusness here.

Amuse Wine Bar- I love the atmosphere and pau hana (happy hour) feel of this place. If you're in the mood for wine and some pupus, go here! As a pupu, I highly recommend an order of their grilled cheese with truffle oil...for only 5 bucks! What a deal! Also, go on a Monday or Wed to get the Wine Lover's Night deal!

Cafe Kaila- Another great breakfast/brunch/lunch place, this place is located in Market City. Go early or later, but not at peak lunch hours....this place can get crazy busy! Read here!

Your Kitchen- I like this place for many different reasons. One, being their deliberately small menu. Only about 8 items long, everything is good, from their #1 bestseller Pork Bowl to their Japanese Loco Moco. I recommend either. Also, I have to boast about their Shave Ice. Ice shaved so thin, you'll think you're eating ice cream! Flavors are deliciously creamy and on point. Read here.

That's it for now, but I'll probably be updating this periodically! Hope you all enjoy! Please leave comments if you've gone to a place and loved it (or hated it). Promise I won't be insulted!

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