Thursday, June 27, 2013

Floral Madness

In the past few months, the days have becoming blazing hot and the nights much warmer. No jackets and no pants needed anymore! I know this is Hawaii, but I'm a little wussy when it comes to cold weather!

I felt compelled to buy this light and silky top from Victoria's Secret. I couldn't resist the bright, flowery pattern and the happy mood it put me in. Paired it with a simple black skirt, a Bamboo Sky fuschia bauble necklace, and Zara chain pumps.

Thai Spice Shack @ Taste Table

Thai Iced Tea!

Taste Table features many new Chefs each month. See my first article on Onda Pasta here. I was lucky to be able to catch both Onda and Thai Spice Shack before their time comes to close at the end of this month. You have one more chance to catch Thai Spice Shack at Taste Table this Friday, so don't miss it!

Below, a bountiful array of Thai Spice's dishes. This is almost the entire menu that Chef Won and Nanz created for that Friday! My first fave on the menu is their Pad Thai, which was ultra-moist and had vibrant flavor. What I liked most was that the noodles did not clump together, and there were lots of veggies in it! I would have to say it's one of the best Pad Thai's on the island. I do still really enjoy Maile's Thai smoky Pad Thai. My other fave? Their Crispy Chicken! And I'm not a huge fried chicken fan, but Thai Spice's was ultra-light and ultra-crispy. The chicken was tender, not dry. It also wasn't oily at all! Isn't that all you can possibly ask for in fried chicken?!!

I also loved Thai Spice Shack's Panang Curry with their Mango Sticky Rice. The Mango Sticky Rice is probably supposed to be eaten as a dessert, but it went hand in hand with the Panang Curry like it was just meant to be! Their Panang has got to be my most favorite on the island. I loved how creamy and sweet it was, with just a bit of kick.

Talk about "kick," well, Nanz' Eggplant Bomb and Tom Yum soup were mighty spicy! The Eggplant and beef were both deliciously-tender, but definitely left your mouth burning after a couple bites. Let it be known that I have a very low tolerance for spicy, so my "spicy" may be different than yours! As for the Tom Yum, my goodness, that was just WAY too hot for me! I could only take a few sips! I have yet to try her Tom Kha, which she featured last week, but hopefully this coming Friday, she will have it on the menu again! I wish I could have tolerated more of the Eggplant and Tom Yum, because both had the most vivacious flavors and spice. The Tom Yum was also chalk-full of mushrooms, ginger, and other veggies plus a huge "Giant Shrimp" that they add in. When you're done with the soup, crack that sucker open for some hefty shrimp meat that's been marinating in that soup, and you've got the ultimate Tom Yum. Definitely Yum Yum!

I was also lucky enough to get to meet Nanz and Chef Won in person at the Night Market a few days later. Nanz is a beautifully-sweet, young entrepreneur from Thailand that moved here less than 10 years ago to pursue her dream. And well, she is definitely on her way! I love seeing young people, like myself, able to push themselves out of their comfort zones and move to a completely new place to pursue their passion, and also enjoy themselves when they aren't working! She has made many lifelong friends, loves the beach, and even teaches Yoga! You go, girl.

Catch Nanz and Chef Won at Taste this Friday from 10am-230pm for lunch!

Pad Thai

Eggplant Bomb

Crispy Chicken

Spring Rolls

Tom Yum Soup

"Giant Shrimp"

Mango Sticky Rice with the most delicious mango! It wasn't super sweet, instead it had a nice tang to it. Very refreshing!

Panang Curry with Chicken, green beats, eggplant, other veggies.

The walls that surrounded us when we ate in the back of the restaurant. So cool!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

HNL Farmer's Market- Pig and the Lady UPDATED!

Vietnamese Iced Coffee- SO strong!

Just a reminder, today is the HNL Farmer's Market at Blaisdell from 4-7pm! Check out Pig and the Lady's eats a couple Wednesdays ago below. I can't tell you how amazing everything is every time. You just need to go to see for yourself!

Most of you know that I am obsessive about good Oxtail. Last year, I was on a mission to find the best Oxtail Soup/Pho on the island- see HERE for that. And so it was just great timing that Pig and the Lady was serving up their version......which of course, did not disappoint. Tender, fall of the bone meat, homemade Pho noodles, and the broth. I CANNOT GET OVER THEIR PHO BROTH. This is a must try. Has to be one of the best on the island. Distinct tastes of both a savory and sweet broth, plus lots of cilantro. A must.

Also tried their Banh Xeo, which is a savory Vietnamese Crepe with corn, bleu cheese, lettuce and pickles. Wrap the crepe and its filling with the lettuce and dip in the sauce. The Crepe was crispy and light, but the bleu cheese seemed to overpower the entire dish. Seemed a little more balanced if you added some sauce to it. Overall, not one of my favorite dishes!

Lastly, Aaron bought some Smoke Pork from the Guava Smoked vendor. This was another sweet/savory dish that was very moist and tender! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June HNL Night Market

HNL Night Market has been going on for some time, but this past month's Night Market was my first one! Night Market is a little different from Eat the Street, since the focus is more on Art and Fashion. Located in Honolulu's Kaka'ako, I like to call it our "art district," with its colorful graffitied buildings and venues that give local artists/chefs/creators full range to market their products and display their work.

There is, however, still food. You can expect lots of food vendors, local bands/singers/DJs performing all day and night, a fashion show showcasing a brand/store, a warehouse full of more vendors selling everything from bikinis to jewelry to headwear, and even a sectioned-off Red Bull-sponsored area for all you drinkers out there needing to take the edge off. There was even an early performance from the Red Bull X-Fighter Motocross team who did jumps and tricks off of a ramp. I was impressed by the guy who managed to do a handstand on his bike in the air!

Night Market is located at 683 Auahi Street every 3rd Saturday of the month from 6-11pm. Park in the Eat the Street parking lot for free (555 South St), and walk about a block down to the happenings. Auahi Street is blocked off, plus the neighboring stores all stay open late (Paiko, RND, Taste Table). It was especially nice to have some late night Pho right off the street around 10pm.

We left around 1030pm full of good food, laughs, and too many impulsive buys. Until next month, Night Market!

PS- Check out the X-Fighters video below to see them in action!

Morning Glass' Peanut Butter and Jelly Donuts via RND

Miso and Ale's Tater Tots with Vegetable Curry, Chicken Kalbi, and Pork Adobo with a Poached Egg on it! "If you like it, put an egg on it!"

Simply Ono's Loco Moco with Deep Fried Soft Boiled Egg and Gravy

Simply Ono's Lobster Nuggets with Beurre Blanc and Garlic Bread

Soul Patrol's Mac N Feta Cheese with Bacon!

Pop Pop Donuts

Mini Donuts! Half and Half- donuts on the left have lychee sauce while the right is a mix of espresso and sugar! The Espresso/Sugar was the best. Couldn't taste the lychee in the other.

Mark "Gooch" Noguchi's Beef Brisket "Parfait" with Mac Salad at Taste Table!

Vietnamese Restaurant, Insomnia Cafe's sidewalk tent with fresh Pho made to order! Go inside their restaurant for bubble teas and other yummy drinks! I think it somehow tastes better at 10pm!

Monday, June 24, 2013


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Short Hair, Don't Care!

Summer always gives me that unrestrained and liberated feeling. Don't know if it's the extra hot, sunny weather that's got me feeling a little too dehydrated and woozy in the head, but I needed a change. And that meant chopping some inches off my hair! I feel lighter and more refreshed. Although it's a bit shorter than expected, I know it will always grow back. Simple things teach essential life lessons like this one: Patience is a virtue.

Or another one of my favorite life lessons/quotes: "A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life." - Coco Chanel

Mink Pink sweater via Bamboo Sky

Kira Hawaii Three Wishes and X Rings (other jewelry first seen HERE), Indi Ocean Ring via Fighting Eel Kailua

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Onda Pasta @ Taste Table

I've recently discovered Taste Table at 667 Auahi Street. Taste is a venue for new and upcoming Chefs (some aren't new to the industry, like Chef Wade Ueoka) to feature their food every week. This month features certain Chefs like Onda Pasta, Kiba Café, Wade Ueoka (from Alan Wong's and Tsunami's), and also Thai Spice Shack. All during the week Tues- Friday 10am-230pm, and sometimes Pig and the Lady on Tuesday or Saturday nights.

Since Onda, I've been back for a Friday lunch to try Thai Spice Shack. Stay tuned for my review!

Anyway, back to Onda Pasta! I had some work and errands to do this past Tuesday, and made it down a little before closing, around 2pm. I checked Instagram to see if they had posted the menu, and indeed they had! Uni Pasta. My recent liking for Uni (see here) has made me want to try Uni everywhere and in/on everything! Walked in the door and immediately ordered Uni Pasta. But then I glanced on the menu board, and it was crossed out! The lady taking my order also mentioned it ran out about 30 minutes earlier! Shoot. So I went with the Italian Loco Moco instead, which sounded equally intriguing. Saffron Risotto with Polpette (small meatballs) and soft-boiled egg with a mushroom reduction. Delicious and ultra-rich with that perfectly-cooked egg on top! Poke open that egg and let it ooze all over the saffron rice, and you have the ultimate Italian Loco Moco for sure! I'd say it's better than the local loco moco we always have!

Hopefully Uni next week Tuesday! Check Onda out at Taste every Tuesday for the rest of this month. Follow Taste Table on Instagram (@tastetable) and also Onda Pasta (@ondapasta) for updates and menu items!

Mountain Apple Italian Soda to start!! Very light in flavor.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Tiffany Blue Twirl

I wore this gorgeous dress to my cousin's morning wedding a couple weekends ago. It was the perfect dress to wear. I first eyed it in an Instagram pic that Bamboo Sky posted, and eventually went in to try it on. Not only did I love the color, but it was also so lightweight and cool. My favorite part? The detailed combo of crocheted lace and a pleated skirt that made me want to twirl the morning away!

I've also recently discovered local designer, Kira Hawaii, and her beautifully-dainty gold and silver jewelry. She has a special promo going on right now too. Simply type in "insta10" for 10% off your order on her website!

Kira Hawaii gold X cuff and rings

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Moena Café Breakfast Eats!

Mom, Dad, and I have been making it a Saturday tradition to have brunch at Moena recently. It's really a pleasant place to have breakfast- clean, fast, good service, and the food is delicious. Best place to get breakfast in Hawaii Kai! Did I mention they also have the best Corned Beef Hash? And it ain't the canned kind! This is the real deal- big chunks of fresh corned beef hash, potato, and onions. Very flavorful, and the portion size is huge! Comes with two island eggs. Per-fec-tion.

I'm a big fan of Eggs Benedict, and it was one of the first things I tried when I went to Moena for the first time. I've had both their regular Eggs Bene with ham, and also their Kalua Pig Eggs Bene, but they also have Salmon and Crab. I like the Eggs Bene, but when I'm here at Moena, I have to order the Corned Beef Hash. Nothing comes close!

Moena is located in Koko Marina Shopping Center between Bubbie's and Zippy's. Great little place with amazing Corned Beef Hash. I haven't found any other place on the island where I love their Corned Beef this much. Give it a try!

Read my original post HERE for the menu.

To start off...must have coffee right?! Caramel Macchiato yessir.

Eggs Benedict

Short Rib Loco Moco! Wait for it........

Boom! Tender Short Rib under the egg!

The cheesiest Mac N Cheese! I love the touch of crumbled Pita Chips on top. Gives it a little something different than most other Mac N Cheese. Also comes with ham.

Chantilly Pancakes!!

Corned Beef Hash!

Kalua Pig Eggs Bene

I've had the Corned Beef Hash from here more than 3 times, and all were consistent. Delicious, delicious, delicious!!

Cranberry and Chicken Salad Sandwich