Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Taco Tuesdays at Mai Tai's

Today, we drank and ate while watching the Miami Heat vs the Dallas Mavericks play basketball. These basketball games come down to the last second! Lots of nail-biting and shouts in a sea of basketball fans at Mai Tai's. While I'm not the biggest basketball fan ever, I sat there and thoroughly enjoyed Mai Tai's Happy Hour and Taco Tuesdays. Read about other Taco Tuesdays here, and read about a great Taco Truck here

Happy Hour (from 4-7pm, 8-11pm everyday) included a variety of different cocktails for the ladies (and guys), as well as $9 pitchers. Such a deal!! There's also a list of $5 pupus to share.

Mai Tai's also added a bunch of new drinks to their menu including some below that you will see. The Cucumber Melon Crush was light and refreshing, while the Strawberry Swell was basically a non-virgin (alcoholic version) of a strawberry lemonade. It was on the heavier side. I have my usual Mai Tai favorites like the Lychee Mai Tai or the Passion Fruit Mojito, which basically tastes like juice to me. The Icy Mai Tai is also a fan favorite, as it's loaded with lots of different alcohol and has a layer of Bacardi 151 on the top. WOOo, hope you have a designated driver!

As for their Taco Tuesdays (4-8pm), was it good? Absolutely. I'd definitely go back for their $1 Pork, Chicken or Steak tacos. All were topped with lots of cheese, a creamy sour cream (?) sauce, cilantro and onions. I tried all three and I have to say, the Pork is my favorite. There was a great fruity salsa on top, where the pineapple bits really stood out. I loved it. Very refreshing to have bits of cold fruit pop with the smoky taste of the pork. I like the combination. The steak taco was my second favorite, while I'm not a big chicken eater, the chicken taco was third. They were all really great, and I'd suggest you try 'em for yourself, as my friend Joe liked the chicken taco the best, and my other friend Vuthy, didn't think the pork taco was all that great. It's all "in the taste buds of the beholder!"

Cucumber Melon Crush

Lava Flow

Strawberry Swell
Passion Fruit Mojitos

Tacos: Pork, Steak, and Chicken

From Left to Right: Pork, Steak, Chicken Tacos! Yum!

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