Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kamehameha Bakery

I'm not a big donut/cake/chocolate or anything-sweet-kinda person. However, after trying these babies at a family party, I have never looked back. Kamehameha Bakery is located on North King Street, and is very hard to spot. Located in a very old building (and I don't even know if they have a sign), there is also a small parking lot to park in. They are open from 2am-4am, so if you're ever craving a donut in the middle of the night or hungry after a night of partying, this is your place. This Glazed Taro Donut is unlike any other donut. For one, it is a dark brown color. At first sight, many might look at it and not find it pleasing to the eye, but please please give it a try; your taste buds will definitely be pleased! The dough is ultra soft, and the sweetness of the bun plus the flaky glaze isn't overpowering at all. Such a nice, light mix. Plus, as you take a bite, you'll find the inner dough is a bright purple color! 

I often buy a dozen for parties, and they are a huge hit! Remember to call in and preorder these babies as they sell out quick. I usually go in to pick up my order around noon, and no taro donuts are on display! All sold! At 70 cents a piece, it's such a deal! Now I've only tried these Taro Donuts, but have heard their Banana bread is popular as well as their regular donuts. I also have a creamy danish waiting for me as well as a slice of banana bread. I couldn't resist! Will have to update you on how they taste, but I'm sure it is delectable. Anything from this place is irresistible. Such a gem this place is!


Pic of my cream danish and banana bread for breakfast while reading the sports page!
Gotta keep up with the who's winning the Manoa Cup!
Banana bread was utterly moist and spongy,
while the danish was moist, soft and had a creamy sweet center.
I'd still stick to the Taro donuts though!!

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  1. I am def trying these glazed taro donuts next time I'm come!