Thursday, May 31, 2012

North Shore Livin' and Ted's Bakery

Ever wonder what it would be like to live on the North Shore? Today, I was there with one of my BFFs, Linds, and she posed this question to me while we were sitting on the sand watching the surf. It was the ultimate NS journey: eating garlic shrimp, frolicking in the golden sand, getting blown around by the wind and waves, and stuffing our faces with Ted's Bakery pies.

If I were to live on this side, I'd probably be 50lbs overweight (I ate a total of 18 shrimp today), not to mention the ridiculously-long drive. Driving into town to do errands would eventually take its toll. I do, however, enjoy driving there on days when I need a break from the busyness of life. There's just something about the North Shore that's extremely calming and tranquil. You leave rejuvenated and with a clear mind.

Did I mention how soft and fluffy the sand is on the North Shore? You will never feel anything quite like it anywhere else. 

First stop: Giovanni's for lunch, of course!!

Then, BBQ Corn (first seen here) at one of the tents in the same area. "Island-Style" is the best!

Shrimp Scampi

Ready to get my hands dirty!

Kahuku "super-sweet" corn for home.
Sunset Beach

Ted's Bakery before our trek back home!

I still can't get over the layers on this Pineapple Macadamia Nut Cheesecake! Seriously AMAZING stuff. If you don't like chocolate like me, you will enjoy this pie!

Loco Moco and Garlic Shrimp plate. Insider tip: mention that you would like a free pie with your garlic shrimp plate, and you receive a free slice of pie! This is only valid with the garlic shrimp plate.

SO WORTH $12.80 for 6 pieces of shrimp. Butter, cheese, garlic......CAN IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS?!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Menchanko-Tei Keeaumoku

I was so excited when Menchanko-Tei opened a second location on Keeaumoku next to my old nail salon and Fatboy's. Finally, I didn't have to find parking in Waikiki to try this place!

Jeremy and I went here for a casual dinner, since I was tired from golf and wanted an exciting but low-key dinner. Low-key it was, exciting it was not. It was probably, if not, the most anti-climactic food joint we ever went to. Both of us foodies, we were just not impressed.

My original Menchanko-Tei was bland, and tasted like saimin. I liked Jeremy's Miso Menchanko a bit more since it definitely had more flavor. I love to have my noodles with the soup, and slurp both up at the same time. Here, though, I was over it in a matter of minutes and left half of my noodles when we walked out.

Verdict? I know that if I want ramen, I'm definitely going to my faves- Tenkaippin or Yotteko-Ya. End of story.

Chili sauce that gave a bit more flavor to the broth. Only a tiny amount is needed. This isn't like Tenkaippin's garlic-chili sauce where you add as much garlic as you can handle!

Original Menchanko

Miso Menchanko, no seafood!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Birthday Gung Gung!

Yep, today's the first unofficial day of Summer! Yeehaw!!! Summer sparks all kinds of feelings I'm looking forward to- many sunny beach days, biting into fresh fruits, short shorts and tank tops, picnics and BBQs, vacations, and summer flings. I always love that Don Henley song, Boys of Summer, that The Ataris eventually remade years down the road.

So, what did my weekend consist of? It started off slow, but eventually, I was running around to different BBQs and events on Sunday. Let's just say, there was A LOT of eating involved. Can you ask for a better weekend?!

Freshly-cut, cold mango! And, if you have extras, freeze it!

My EIGHT layer dip! The secret is in the crushed up Fritos! Gives it an extra crunch.

Shenanigans of the night...Oops? Don't worry, it's got a Lifeproof case...see here!

Shuckin' oysters

Watermelon Soju from this place!

Happy 11th Birthday, my little one! She's still so young at heart :)

Paws and Keds

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Moena Café

A very cute breakfast/lunch spot just opened in Hawaii Kai's Koko Marina, and reminds me of the very popular Sweet E's and Café Kaila. So happy that there's finally a spot like this on my side of the island. I'm just afraid that once this place gets more popular, the line will much be like Sweet E's and Café Kaila.....and the wait will be forever for this small restaurant.

Open from 630am-3pm, Moena serves a variety of different food items- the usual breakfast stuff- pancakes, eggs, waffles, omelettes, and eggs benedict and also sandwiches, salads, paninis, crepes, acai bowls, Mac N cheese and of course, coffee and tea items. Breakfast is served all day, lunch starts at 11am.

I was very excited to eat at this new place- Yelp reviews seem to say they have their act together. A new restaurant that has their act together?! I'm there.

While I did enjoy my friend's Eggs Benedict, I was sadly disappointed with their "Mo'Egga, A Moena Favorite," two pieces of bread with artichoke spread and 2 poached eggs on top. Their menu is really misleading for this item! When I see "A Moena Favorite," I think that this item has got to be one of the more popular things on the menu. But, in reality, the artichoke spread seemed more along the lines of garlic spread, and it was nothing special to me. The garlic was so strong that throughout the whole day, I felt like a dragon blowing out garlic fire. My mouth was just so garlicky!!!

I really liked Jeremy's Eggs Benedict- the bread was a bit on the thicker and tougher side, but when the runny egg yolk soaked into it, it was much more soft and flavorful. The Hickory-smoked ham was SO delicious and they gave a hefty slice of it! Love that!

Next time, I'd love to try their Crab Eggs Benedict or their Short Rib Loco Moco that I heard was another "favorite."

PS- I also tried their Mango-Peach Iced Tea. All the sweetness was at the bottom!

Eggs Benedict


Friday, May 25, 2012

Dash Gastropub UPDATED!

I <3 Dash. I really do. Very laid-back, very good service, and I think the food is above par. They've got some unique, gourmet bar food, and I always look forward to trying their Specials.

A good way to describe Dash? Good friend, Kelley, who works there gave me this: "High-end beer and food at bar prices." They also are known for bringing in beers that most places don't have here. You won't see the usual Corona at Dash. Here, they serve Bohemia and other alternatives. Quite refreshing!

I went back for a 3rd time last week Friday with Joe and finally got to sample their hyped-up Green Tea Waffles with Yukari Chicken. So many different flavors in this dish, and honestly, they all work well together. The waffles have a light green tea flavor topped with fried karaage chicken, and drizzled with butterscotch Yuzu sauce. Boy, this sauce is out-of-this-world. Very distinct, citrusy flavor with sweetness from the butterscotch. And then, finally, it's all sprinkled with the saltiness of Yukari flakes. It's a must-try dish!!!

Our second dish was their Chicken Bao Sliders Trio. The first time I had it with all Ginger Chicken, though that night, there were 3 different Bao to try- Char Siu, Ginger Chicken, and Hoisin. I think I still preferred the Ginger Chicken, though. One of my favorite dishes at Dash!

Trio: Char Siu, Ginger Chicken, Hoisin.

Yukari Chicken with Green Tea Waffles with Butterscotch Yuzu drizzle.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Two Ways To Wear Highlighter Yellow

I've recently fallen in love with my new jacket from Nasty Gal. It may be bold for some because of the color, but I find it adds something more to otherwise typical patterns and prints. Here's the two ways I've worn it, two nights in a row!!

First, with a striped dress. Very simple.

H&M striped dress and Jeffrey Campbell booties

Next, with print! This, to me, was much more fun! Plus, summer is the perfect time for rompers!

Veronica M. romper, vintage F21 heels