Friday, December 30, 2011

2011, You Were Great To Me

I've been especially busy lately since Xmas break started. I feel like I've hardly opened my laptop to check email, check Facebook or write on here! I'm sorry I've been so MIA! Even though it felt nice to put a piece of electronics away for awhile, I feel the need to recap and reflect on 2011.

Almost a year ago, I started this blog. To look back and see all of my pictures, posts and read everyone's comments, I feel extremely blessed. I'm blessed to have family, friends, my health and of course, am lucky to always be surrounded by so much good food!!!!!

I thank you all for continuing to be such a big part of my foodie journey, and ultimately, my life. This sure has been a sweet getaway!!!

For the New Year, I propose to save more money, get at least 8 hours of sleep, and to be ON TIME (which really means 5-10 minutes early) to appts, events, dinners, lunches, tee times, happy hour, bedtime, anything and everything.

I wish you all a prosperous, healthy and happy HAPPY NEW YEAR! LET'S DO THIS, 2012!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kissaten Coffee Bar

After a late night, foodie friend Jeremy and I headed to Kissaten for some food. I was so happy to go here because I've been wanting to stop by here FOREVER. I always heard very good things about their Grilled Cheese and Tomato Bisque.

Kissaten is a 24 hour coffee shop, and located right across Ala Moana in the KHON2 News building. I heard there are about 4 stalls in the building reserved for Kissaten, but there's always street parking too. If not, park at Ala Moana on the Sears side and walk down. Oh, FYI, Free Wifi with purchase, but limited to only 2 hours. Booooo.

So the verdict? We ordered a TON of food (thanks to Jeremy!), and I got to try 3 different items! From the late-night menu, we chose Pho, Kissaten Melt, and of course the Grilled Cheese and Tomato Melt combo.

After all the hype, I was not too impressed with the food. Pho broth seemed extra brown in color and tasted like they dumped some cinnamon in it. Weird. After adding some of each of the 3 sauces it came with, it started to taste a little better. I would definitely not come here for pho again though. The Kissaten Melt was a bit too sweet for me. Shaved pastrami, mozzarella, onions (yuck!), and mustard aioli. Last but not least, the grilled cheese and bisque combo: Grilled cheese had apples in it, and cheese was barely melted! The bisque was the only thing I finished.

Maybe if Starbucks is crowded, I'd stop here for a Chai or Hot Chocolate and relax here, but other than that, it won't be added into the mix of my lunch places.

Cute shirts!

Grilled Cheese and Bisque combo

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shirokiya Mochi and Gelee Cake

Usually I stick to the 2nd floor of Shirokiya where all the "goods" are. Bentos galore, takoyaki, mixed rice, ramen, udon, tempura, Jiraiya ebi tempura musubi, korean food, nishime, curry.....ahhh the list goes on and on. But, if you ever venture downstairs by St. Germaine, you'll discover flavored gelee, smoothies, Kinako-dusted mochi, Matcha-dusted mochi and gelee cakes.

Today, I tried a variety pack of mochi and also a green tea gelee cake. I loved everything....that is until I found a hair in my gelee cake! :/ I knew I should have chosen the Mango flavor gelee cake!

From left- Hawaiian Organic White Honey, Sweet Soy Sauce, Kinako, Matcha. I enjoyed all flavors except the sweet soy sauce.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


My golf buddy, Grant, is home for the holidays! His first request? Goma Tei for lunch! Like I said here, Tan Tan is not one of my favorites (and I wasn't in the mood for ramen if you can believe that!), so I opted for their Japanese Style Loco Moco. Decent, very decent.

Btw, very funny story. I thought Grant wanted to go here to try what Goma Tei is known for- their Tan Tan. But he ended up ordering Katsu Curry with noodles. HAH. Joe also came to meet up with us for lunch. He ordered the shoyu ramen. I guess no one was in the mood for Tan Tan?

My Loco Moco with an over-medium egg! No runny egg here!

Costco Garlic Shrimp Poke

Wow, so amazed with the variety of poke at Costco now! I was enlightened!

Love that they have ahi poke mixed with tobiko and sea asparagus! I was first introduced to sea asparagus at the KCC Farmer's Market first seen here. It is really delicious! Light and crunchy...a perfect complement to poke.

They also have two varieties of shrimp poke which were equally delicious. Choose from my personal favorite, a very pungent garlic shrimp, or their lighter and milder Cilantro/Lime Shrimp Poke. My high school friend, Kevin, suggested both would be good on top of a nice salad. I totally agree, Kevin! Or you can be like me, and just eat it straight from the plastic container! Haha.

Thanks to Kevin for the samples :)

$3.10 for quarter pound! Yes, please!!