Thursday, June 9, 2011

Amuse Wine Bar

I went with the intention of learning more about wines, but Amuse Wine Bar's experience turned out to be a great place to "wine" down. I eventually relaxed and just enjoyed myself. Must've been the wine :P

Located in Inspiration Design Center, where parking is easy in the structure, this place is a very classy place. Most of the crowd that come down are professionals dressed in work attire, needing a nice glass of wine for Pau Hana. You can either buy a bottle of wine or get a wine card. Experience different wines with the press of a button. Stick your card into the wine machine of your choice, press once for 1 oz of your preferred wine, press a second time for 2 oz, and so on. Prices per ounce are above each bottle. On Amuse's special wine nights- Monday and Wednesday- get a wine card, pay $30 for $50 of wine (what a deal!), and go wine-crazy. There is also a cocktail menu if you're not in the mood for wine. But how can you turn down wine with this awesome value!?

Happy Hour happens Monday-Friday 5-7pm, while Wine Taster's Night is Monday and Wednesdays 5-8pm. If you're like me, I go between 5-7pm, so you can get the Wine Taster deal plus the Happy Hour deals on selected food! Their food is great paired with the wine. I highly suggest the grilled cheese (made with TRUFFLE OIL!), cheese pizza, and kalua pig in a bun. Those are all "winnahs!" Draft Beers, Specialty Cocktails and Special Pupu Menu all $5 during Happy Hour!"

There's also live music on Wed-Friday 730pm-930pm.

My favorite Riesling!

Monchof AND "Sexy Back?"
Sexy Back- Stoli Strawberry Vodka, Strawberry Puree, Fresh Mint Sprigs,
Lime juice, with a Jordan "J" float and sugar rim!

Grilled Cheese- you can immediately smell the truffle oil when it is placed on your table.

A few grilled cheese left with Pork bun!

I'd definitely get these again- really refreshing and nice crunch with the cucumber slice in it,
though I just threw it out. I like my bun with just the tasty, smoky meat! YUM!

Cheese Pizza!

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