Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Your Kitchen

I asked myself this all day today, "Why was I going to North Shore Grinds when I could have been going next door to Your Kitchen!?!?" Don't get me wrong, I love North Shore Grinds and all, but Your Kitchen is my new fave. Their Pork Bowl deserves all the hype everyone gives it. Yes, the pork pieces have a lot of fat, yes, the pork fat dissolves into my taste buds and yes, my taste buds scream for joy! I mean, when people say that the fat melts in your mouth, it literally melts in your mouth, not rubbery AT ALL. Now, I didn't picture this dish as square pieces of pork, but as slices like a gyu-don or shabu pork on rice. But, once this pork hit my mouth, I did not mind one bit. I don't recommend getting this all the time, as all that fat is really unhealthy, but you must try this at least once. Worth it, and worth the inexpensive price! What a major deal at less than 7 bucks! Mini is $4.75! The pork is marinated in some kind of sweet/salty teriyaki/bbq sauce. The rice is also drenched in the tasty sauce! YUM! The best part? The fried panko medium-boiled egg on top! Ate half of my pork bowl and the egg there today, and as I left, I almost asked for another egg. Where else are you going to find a fried medium-boiled egg?! The middle was perfect- creamy, still soft yolk!

Also ordered the Tropical Shave Ice Bowl, after reading everyones reviews. Comes with Haupia and Mango shave ice and Haupia Ice cream. I didn't so much like the haupia shave ice flavor, but the mango was really good. Seemed like they froze a mango and shaved it down. Tasted exactly like a frozen mango! I don't know what kind of shave ice machine they have, but the yelpers are right, the shave ice is ULTRA fine- even more than Waiola's! The haupia syrup on the ice was so milky and creamy that the shave ice looked more like ICE CREAM. Mango was the same too- for a minute, I questioned, "Am I eating Mango shave ice or ice cream!?" Next time, I'd probably try a different flavor, because the finely-shaved shave ice itself is hard to turn down. If you're a green tea lover, I recommend the Fujiyama Bowl- that seems to be a lot of people's favorite here.

As I said above, Your Kitchen is located on 10th Ave right next to North Shore Grinds. Street parking is a must- they don't have a parking lot, though street parking is relatively easy. While their menu is only 8 items long, everything is great. They specialize in each of these 8 bowls. Choose from Pork Bowl, Beef Steak Bowl, Japanese Loco Moco, Oyakodon, Pork Ginger Bowl, Ahi Katsu, Miso Salmon and Miso Pork. I hear the Japanese Loco Moco is a second favorite. I'm still debating if I want to risk it and try the Loco Moco next time. The Pork Bowl is oh-so-good!!!

Hours- Closed Monday, Tues-Sat 11am-730pm, Sunday 11am-6pm.

I want to try this next time!

Tropical Shave Ice Bowl came first.
They started me with this while they were busy making my Pork Bowl!
Takes a good 10-15 minutes, I'd say.
But in the end, SO WORTH EVERY BITE.

Delicious Pork Bowl

Inside of the fried egg! Just looking at this makes me crave it!

UPDATE! Went back a couple days later after I was craving more delicious and fatty Boiled Pork, and decided to also try their melting pudding. So incredibly glad I did!! It's as soft as flan, but tastes like a creme brulee to me, without the fired caramel top. I would however, have this Melting Pudding over any creme brulee or flan anyway. It goes in my stomach in a matter of seconds. Heaven!

As for the Boiled Pork, I asked for a mini ($4.75), and got extra egg. I was seriously filled up! What a great cheap eat!

UPDATE! My friend tried their Japanese Loco Moco. I tried a piece of the hamburger and it was unlike any other I've tried. I definitely like the sweet Teriyaki flavor sauce they use, instead of the usual brown gravy. A nice touch. Burger was also really moist, and egg was cooked perfectly with oozing yellow-orange yolk!


  1. Great post! My friend introduced by boyfriend and I to this place and like you, he likes the pork bowl. I like eating the Japanese loco moco and we always end our meal with a mango shave ice. I swear, there's no other place that serves a mango shave ice like them. It's so yummy!

  2. i always go to your page when thinking of places to eat! <3 it