Sunday, January 30, 2011

Stripes + Floral

One of my go-to patterns is always stripes. And it's even better when paired with floral! This post is strictly goes!

AA tank, Express skirt and cardi, F21 heels and rings, Nordstrom necklaces

"Asian Yakiniku"

Ever wonder how that new restaurant next to Champions is? Well, you've come to the right place! Guys and Gals, I've taken tons of pics and tasted a variety of different food options for you all!

Here's a quickie-

Service- You could tell Waitstaff was still learning the ins and outs of the place, but they tried their best to explain and suggest menu items to try. Water was ALWAYS filled. They were always very attentive too.

Ambiance- It reminded me of Gyukaku. Same idea. The grill could use some work though- it didn't seem like it was on at first, then we turned the fire up and everything started to burn. Some meat caught on fire, and they didn't change our grill like Gyukaku does when it gets grimy and burnt.

Food- I'd give them a B for effort. They are very new and I took that small fact into consideration. I think for the price, meat was decent, but no better than Gyukaku. There are also different marinades for your meats- we had no idea what to put on what. I suggest they write what sauces go best with what, just so people have some kind of idea what to try. There were also 2 sauces to dip your meats/veggies in. One was a pear sauce (which I was eager to try, plus our waiter said it was his favorite), and also an oil/pepper sauce. I think if there was one thing to really work on, it would definitely be the sauces. The sauces were so mediocre. Both sauces were bland. I couldn't taste the pear in the pear sauce, plus it had too much pepper. And the oil/pepper sauce, I just couldn't imagine dipping my meat in oil the entire time.

Parking- Very small lot. If all spaces (maybe 6 at the most) are taken up, there's free valet. Just remember to tip! Other option is street parking on Young Street.

Overall- B. My friend and I had a nice time trying this place, but I probably won't be back until they have all of their loose ends tied up. I believe they are in the process of getting a liquor license, so it is BYOB now. (We didn't bring drinks, so we just had water.) Remember, it does take some time for new restaurants to get the hang of things, and they are trying their very best.

Onto the pics!

Korean side dishes (Banchan)- saba, seaweed, kimchi

Pear sauce to the L, oil sauce to the R

Brisket with miso marinade- one of my faves
Another fave was Bulgogi with Korean Shoyu marinade (not pictured)
Both came as thin slices and were suuuper tasty!!

Pork Belly in bottom left corner with basil topping- not bad. Very fatty, tastes like BACON!
Mixed mushroom in foil with shrimp and asparagus on the grill

Mixed mushrooms

Roll Cake with Ice Cream

Cream Puff with Chocolate

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ramen Again?! Ton Ton Ramen

Like I said before, I could eat Japanese food all day, every day. So that's what I did. Dad and I had a big exhibit to go to all day in Waipahu, so besides our favorite, Tanioka's, we also like to eat at Ton Ton Ramen in Waipahu Shopping Center. They are best known for their Soft Rib Ramen. The ribs are cooked until tender and the broth is really delicious. I think it is shoyu-based. What my dad really likes about this place is that they don't use MSG in their ramen! MSG is really unhealthy for you and many people get allergic reactions from it. I see many restaurants reverting from using MSG in their foods because of its bad rap.

picture of their specialty: Soft Rib Ramen

Ippin Ramen- good for vegetarians. Lots of veggies!!!

The actual Soft Rib Ramen (no onions, extra egg)

Rib meat is very tender! And those garlic pellets? Makes the broth extra tasty!!

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Monday, January 24, 2011


So I decided to write a post tonight even though I am ridiculously tired. Had a long day of work early in the morn and errands, which include:

-return F21 shoes and top
-brow wax appt
-lunch @ my favorite ramen place
-barnes & noble for "blogging for dummies" and "digital SLR photography for dummies"
-apple store to take my broken macbook pro into the genius bar :((
-golf with dad

As you can see, one, I am addicted to blogging and addicted to being better at it; and two, I am determined to take better pictures for this blog! I had a hell of a night/early morning (430am) setting up this blog and figuring out what a "widget" is AND learning how to customize my own blog site with HTML codes. THIS is what they should really teach you in college!!!

As you can also see, I am computer-less. Funny story. Right after setting up my blog and posting my FIRST post at 430am, I wake up the next morning to find my laptop screen doesn't turn on! The power is on I know, because I can hear it, but the screen is completely and utterly BLACK! Turns out, my visual processor is broken. Bad news? It will cost about $900 and 1-3 days to fix. Good news? It's covered by Apple! Um, did I unknowingly step in some dog shit this morning?!?! Apparently, Apple turned out a bad batch of visual processors for the last generation Macbook Pros, so the repair/new processor are covered! Cha-Ching! (Fingers crossed that I will have my beloved laptop back ASAP!)

I guess the other positive of being "comp-less" is the fact that I don't have to answer my work emails?? HAH! Wishful thinking, I guess.....

SO, as I work from dad's old white macbook, I invite you into a look at some of my favorite places (and not-so-favorite places) at good 'ol Mccully Shopping Center.

I present you with Yotteko-Ya, a hidden gem on the second floor, in the left corner, if you were looking the shopping center from Kapiolani Blvd. Known for their Kyoto-style ramen, their secret is a house-made milky soup prepared from pork and chicken. What makes it a commodity? The broth is simmered for 10 hours! And the "chashu?" The most tastiest and tender pork you've ever imagined. I think it's soaked in some shoyu-based sauce or is so delicious!!! I AM ADDICTED. I must go back every week...and hey, maybe even twice if I'm in the neighborhood. You can't go wrong. (I admit I say that a lot.)

Paitan Chashu (no onions, extra mushrooms)
Japanese-style noodles (means the noodles aren't mushy and overcooked!)

Another one of my favorites? Coffee and Tea, which is on the first floor and specializes in milk teas, boba, and smoothies, but provides a large array of other "coffee and tea" drinks and desserts! Trust me, their menu is extensive, and might be sort of overwhelming for newcomers. I was lucky to come across "Jasmine green milk tea." I highly suggest this drink, plus it has to be extra popular since they have a party size which serves 18 people.

Watermelon Juice- Seasonal, so get it when you see the sign up!
Super refreshing and sweet.

Jasmine Green Milk Tea (no boba, bc I'm not a huge fan of it) to R
My friend's Passion Fruit Iced Tea (decent, but predictable) to L

As cliche as it sounds, there's always a good and BAD in every situation. Let's discuss the "bad" of Mccully Shopping Center.

Anyone tried "Snow Factory?" Ok, I know what many of you are going to say! Some of you out there really like that weird "snow ice." Yes, "it's not shaved ice, it's not ice cream, it's not yogurt...It's SNOW ICE!" Yeah yeah, ya either love it or ya hate it. I get it. For me, I definitely don't love it so much. Why? First of all, the sizing and pricing. There is only ONE size and it's close to $5 a pop. It is definitely way too much to eat (and believe me, this girl can eat), especially if you think of this as an after-dinner dessert place. It's probably better suited for two people to share. Secondly, I think it's the texture. There are just no words to describe the texture; you just have to try it for yourself to know. Lastly, my other guess (why I don't like it), is probably because of the slogan itself- I don't know what the hell it is! What exactly does "snow ice" really mean?
Verdict: I'd rather go to McDonald's and get $1 vanilla ice cream cone. Now, THAT'S what I'm talking about!

Anyway, here's a picture of me and my not-so-liking-it face:

Lychee Snow Ice

And there ya go! Try that damn Snow Factory place, and tell me what you think. I'd like to hear your opinion on it. 

But trust me on this, you will not be disappointed with Yotteko-Ya or the Jasmine Green Milk Tea. I dare you to prove me wrong. If you don't like it, lunch is on me! ;)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Year of the Rabbit

Growing up in a traditional Chinese household, I have learned to love all of the Chinese that I am. This includes trips to Chinatown where homeless lie on every street corner, where police cars are constantly patrolling the neighborhood to stop fights and drug deals, and where many rats were found in grocery stores/eateries. OK OK, so this is the really bad stuff of Chinatown. I guarantee there are pros. For example, take the food. (I tell this to a lot of people. I always say, "I must've been Japanese in my past life...I could eat Japanese food and sushi all day, EVERY day!" And if you know me, you know this is true.) Yes, Japanese comes first to my taste buds, but Chinese food flows in my blood. Who can resist Jai, Jin Doi, Gau, Half Moon, Har Gau, Ham Sui Gok, and Lo Mai Fan?? PHEW! I don't know Chinese well, but I definitely DO know my chinese DIM SUM. Hah!

And take the many Chinese traditions like the Chinese Lion Dance. Give $1 to the lion for good luck! Or The Moon Festival. This day falls on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar year, when the moon is at its maximum brightness for the entire year. What does this mean? Yummy Moon Cake!!!

So in conclusion, yes, traveling to Chinatown means not-so-pretty odors of homeless and not-so-nice glimpses of rats and infestation, but for me, that's part of my culture- good AND bad. I'm going to embrace every little bit of who I am. 

And hey, doesn't the food make it all that much better??

Chinese food: tofu with squash, tomato tofu, jai, and bean curd
Bsky top, Alloy cardi, BDG jeans, Steve Madden sandals

fresh jin doi!

just don't think about all the oil...

Narcissus and other traditional Chinese flowers

tons and tons of "Year of the Rat" tshirts for sale!


cutest little girl ever! she wasn't afraid either!!