Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kuru Kuru Sushi

"Give new restaurants some time to get their routine down. Don't go immediately when they first open." Yes, I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I impatiently went to eat at Kuru Kuru yesterday (Kahala Mall location), and at the end, kicked myself for doing so. Not that anything went wrong, per say, but I didn't feel like there was much variety. I feel like this often at most rotating-belt sushi places. They have the usual things coming out- spicy ahi, tobiko, karaage, salmon, maguro, hamachi, and then the "spam roll," and "hotdog roll" for you non-raw-fish eaters. Although I have to say Kuru Kuru did have some new things that I haven't seen before- fresh cut watermelon, strawberries with whipped cream, shumai (that we mistook for Takoyaki), pumpkin tempura, salmon tempura, banana and ice cream sundae with fudge, almond float etc. Another good thing? The cuts of fish are HUGE. I don't even think my pictures did the huge cuts of fish justice. That is one thing I have not seen at most places- large cuts of fish. I give this place props for that.

Other notes? Well, the place at Kahala Mall is small, so not much standing room inside...and they prefer you wait outside by the elevators/stairs. I thought this was kind of rude and annoying. Maybe they could have some extra seats on the other side of the room for people waiting to be seated? I think what annoys me so much about this is that you think you won't hear your name called, thus, be skipped. Thankfully, we were not skipped, and we finally got to sit down and chow down, after about a 15 minute wait time. 

What I really enjoyed here was the maguro. Large cuts of fish (mentioned above), and it tasted really fresh. It melted in my mouth, and didn't have any of that white, stringy stuff on the fish. I had two orders of it! 

There was a lot of selection on the menu, but I'd definitely like to see some of that on the rotating belt, instead of having to order it first. Some things of interest on the menu: dynamite, garlic ahi, salmon kama, philly roll, mushroom tempura, kalbi nigiri, ahi tataki, soft shell crab maki, texas roll. Maybe next time I'll try more. Also, saw a lot of people ordering the donburi, which were on the menu for $7.95. Big bowl with what looked like a heaping amount of fish (ahi/ahi poke/nigiri/mix to choose from). 

PS- We didn't eat much here, but wanted to try it, since we had some delicious and CHEAP Costco hotdogs 30 minutes prior. OOPS! But quite honestly, how can you resist a $1.50 hotdog and drink!?

Ordered this off the menu, and it came within minutes. Fast service!

Shumai that we thought was takoyaki.

Salmon tempura? Looked good, but we were too full!

Our neighbors leftover plates VERSES.......


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  1. Ugh! That is rude.. I always love eating here.. never been to the Kahala one yet but gosh it does look small! I use to work at Genki but I prefer Kuru Kuru better lol.

    Have a good weekend hun! <3