Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sunrise Restaurant (Okinawan)

Sunrise Restaurant, yet another Kapahulu restaurant that has been added to my "favorites" list (along with Rai Rai Ramen, Tenkaippin, and the newly discovered Zaratez Mexicatessen). It is the direct neighbor to Tacos Ricos, and imparts the true definition of "hole in the wall." Walking in this tiny restaurant (holds about 25 people, I'd say 5-6 tables and a small sushi bar area), you can hear the the sound of authentic traditional Okinawan music. How lucky am I?! What other restaurant provides you with great authentic food and entertains you as well? And how many places entertain you with Okinawan music? They also use authentic Okinawan musical instruments as well, though my friend, Danny, says they will even have patrons play music using their pots and pans! I loved the humble, genuine, homey feeling this place has. Not many restaurants in Hawaii have that sort of feeling. It is quite hard to come by nowadays.

Parking- One of my favorite subjects! Now, like I said before, I don't normally frequent places with few parking spaces that make street parking a must. Not my cup of tea! However, there are few occasional places that I make exceptions for. Sunrise Restaurant definitely makes the cut. With about 4 parking spaces in the front of the restaurant, you need to be lucky to swipe one. You can also park in the Pay and Park lot across the street (directly across Uncle Bo's) for $5 for 3 hours. Worth it. Ample parking and of course, you can drink and play music all night with the owner and his family for three whole hours! (It is a family-owned business with the Dad as the sushi chef, Mom as the waitress, and I saw their teen boy in the back, who I think cooks some of the food!!! AMAZING!)

We arrive at around 715pm on a Saturday, and there are only a couple tables left. I'd recommend making reservations like we did, or coming right when they open. There's also more of a likelihood that you'll scoop one of the parking spaces in the front of the restaurant. Some other recommendations I've read from Yelpers is to preorder the Hamachi Kama, Butterfish or Oxtail Soup. These are VERY popular dishes and they run out fast! Having ordered the Oxtail Soup tonight, I can totally understand why it runs out. I have to say that it is THE BEST Oxtail Soup on the island. The meat, literally, (and I know this is cliche, but it is oh so true!) falls off the bone. You don't even need a fork or chopstick! It is simmered and cooked so long that the meat is extremely tender. As for the Butterfish, that was gone by the time we got there. Instead we tried the Kama, which I hear is just as popular, though I'd be fine with just an Oxtail Soup and rice! Knowing my dad loves Oxtail Soup, I will definitely have to take him here for lunch before golf one day. He will love it! Maybe an early Father's Day present?! While we're on the subject of lunch, they only open for lunch on Mondays and Thursdays 1130am-2pm. They also have takeout.....too bad I don't live in Kapahulu. I could have paid their rent with my daily takeout orders! Haha!

Did I also mention it is BYOB? Go across the street to the little liquor shop to grab some Heiney's, or bring your own favorite drink of choice.

Prices? Everything is so tasty and authentic and less than $15 a dish. What a deal!

Went for a casual look for dinner.
Mink Pink Rambo top from Mikinola, Fighting Eel cardigan (first wore my Fighting Eel cardi here),
vintage red shorts (from high school! Can't believe I still fit those things!), Steve Madden wedges,
and new Ginger13 necklace.

My new favorite Ginger13 necklace.
I love the turquoise beads with the marbley brown/black/white ones.

Besides these specials listed on the board, they have a short small menu of about 10 items.
All Okinawan and ALL delicious. Whatever you decide on, I can guarantee you won't regret it.
I want to try the Dynamite and Butterfish next time!
I saw a few tables ordering the Dynamite. 

Deep Fried Squid- light and crispy

Yakisoba! I told my friend Danny (who ordered), that I don't normally get Yakisoba.
If anything, I'd rather have Udon!
This, however, was delicious! I've had bland Yakisobas, but this was so flavorful.
Lots of ingredients like mushrooms, kamaboko, bean sprouts, ginger, cabbage, onions and ham/spam.

Top: Spare rib soup
Bottom: Oxtail soup
Both were out of this world good. Spare rib soup came with more of a clear broth, but just as tasty.
Totally different soups though. You need to try both!

Oxtail Soup- lots and lots of meat! Chunks on the bone, bits in the soup...SO GOOD!
And lots of parsley!! Yum!

Spare rib soup with melon

Both soups came with sushi set

Hamachi Kama

Lots of meat in the Kama!!


  1. what ginger 13 style necklace are you wearing??? i love it! so pretty!

  2. hey miyoko! i don't know the name of it....but its turq and brown/black marbled beads.

  3. OMG, I love ox tail soup! I just had some for dinner tonight from Zippy's. I must try it next time I'm in the area because you said it's the best on the island.

  4. yes you should! zippys has nothing on sunrise! the meat is oh-so tender and the broth is so flavorful with bits and pieces of meat, peanuts, cilantro...YUMMM.

  5. Thanks so much! I ended up contacting Cindy from Ginger 13 and will probably end up purchasing a similar necklace since the one you have is out of stock. BTW, I love reading your blog! Makes me want to go out to eat more! =)

  6. Perfect! Please post some pics of it when you get it! I'd love to see it! I have only a couple Ginger13 necklaces because it is a little pricey, but they are gorgeous pieces of jewelry.

    I'm also happy to hear my blog makes you want to go out and eat more! Thanks for the compliments :)) keep reading!!

  7. Me lova kama.. mmm.. and the squid.. mmmm! I also love your outfit.. the red shorts are fun, and Wow from HS. If I still had anything from HS, it wouldn't fit... :/ I don't know if I'd even want to wear what I had back then... terrible fashion choices. lol.

    xx Love & Aloha