Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nordstrom Cafe

For those of you that like a good soup and salad/soup and sandwich combo, you have met your match! Seems like all big department stores have their own little gourmet restaurant or cafe...and well, here's Nordstrom's! While I think it's on the pricey side for a panini or salad ($10-12!), it is definitely good. Though my favorite department store restaurant is Macy's Pineapple Room, I highly suggest trying this trendy, casual dining cafe as well. It's nice for a stop for lunch/dinner or snack, after shopping with Mom all day.

What to do- you will be greeted (or some times not greeted) by someone when you first walk in. They will direct you to the left where the line starts. Pick out any juice, bottled water or Waialua Soda you want, then proceed to pick your sandwich, soup, salad or other entree they have shown as a sample. Fresh fruit or pastries and ordering of a soft drink can all be totaled up and paid for at the end of the line. They pass you a number on a tray and you sit down at a table to wait. Take out is also an option.

While you wait, there are buss boys all around, either bringing your food out or getting you more water or taking your finished plates away. It's quite confusing at the end of your meal whether to tip or not, but the buss boys make it quite clear bringing you a little tab tray plus a business card with their name on it. I don't get it...whatever it is, it's no subtle way to ask for a tip. What's confusing is this is pretty much a gourmet food court, so why are you supposed to tip? 

The food? There's a variety of different salads and paninis to choose from. They range from Chinese Chicken Salad to Bleu Cheese and Pear Salad to Lime and Cilantro Salad, to name a few. Paninis include Grilled Chicken Salad, Turkey Cranberry, Turkey Club Panini, Pesto Chicken Panini and Italian Ciabatta Di Parma, to name a few as well. Also on the menu are pizzas, pastas, vegetable sides, fish dishes, and a kids menu. Many highly recommend the Tomato Soup with TWO crostinis as "one is just not enough!"

Get their Plantation Iced Tea. One of the best I've tried and free refills!

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