Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Otto Cake

I was shopping in downtown (Otto Cake is located on Smith Street) one day and wanted to make the most of my time there, since I hardly drive down there. Looked up some places to try before, and wanted to most definitely try the Chai at Manifest (check! See below), and cheesecake at Otto Cake. I've heard a lot about this place and how the cheesecake is notably the best on the island. At $5 a slice, it better be!

I heard the Strawberry Basil is one of the best flavors and most popular, but everyday they change the flavors, and today, was not my day. Settled for the Amazing Plain cheesecake, which is a nice base to start with. I figure I can base it on all other plain cheesecakes I've tried. Also gave in in the last second and ordered a slice of Blueberry too! Not a cheesecake guru or anything, but I have to say the cheesecake had a nuttier, amaretto (?) flavor to it. I mean, it definitely stood out. Would I go back to downtown just for the cake? Nah, probably not, but this isn't to say most of you won't like it! I'm just a savory kind of person :P

They also have cheesecake sandwiches, that are reminiscent of ice cream sandwiches. I wanted to try one, but they were baking some and wouldn't be ready until tomorrow! BOOoooo. 

If I'm ever in the area again, I'm definitely going to swing by and see what flavors they have going on. Hopefully they have the Strawberry Basil cheesecake and also have those cheesecake sandwiches on hand!

Btw, this place had a cute little feel to it. I like the little details in everything from the red painted store border to the stamp on the cake box. See below! 

130 Flavors!

Curtains remind me of a circus!

Got a piece of Blueberry that I still have to try, and Amazing Plain.

LOVE the stamp. Knuckles!

Otto Cake's flyer- that must be the owner when he was just a kid!

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