Monday, November 28, 2011

Thankful for Vegas 2011

Yep, that's right, we had our traditional Thanksgiving Holiday in Vegas once again! And yep, I guess that means we are thankful for Vegas. Haha ;) Thankful for the plentiful food, the family and friends we spend Thanksgiving with, and of course, the "plentiful" money. That's of course, IF we win! But really, we love Vegas- the excitement, the lights, the extravagance, the riskyness, and all that it brings. To us "Hawaii"ans, Vegas is in our blood!

Stay tuned for my post on Todd English's Olives Restaurant at Bellagio!

Bye Bye Hawaii!

Hello, Bellagio Conservatory!

Bellagio Cafe Fruit Bowl- always a winner. So sweet.

Bellagio Cafe French Onion Soup. The most cheese in an Onion Soup I've ever had.

Lobster Omelette- tomatoes, mozzarella, asparagus and Lobster.

Dad's Salmon Burger, piled extra high!


These boots were made for walkin' Vegas. Thanks Steve Madden!

Don't worry, it's just a key chain. Although, to all you men out there, I wouldn't mind one this gigantic.

Mikinola blouse, BDG jeans, SM boots

Thanksgiving Champagne Lunch/Dinner!

Pumpkin and Butterfinger ice cream scoops, Citrus Cheesecake.

Alaskan King Crab Legs!

So happy after some Black Friday shopping!

MUST GO- Gold Coast's Ping Pang Pong Restaurant. Where all the locals go for GREAT Chinese food. These Garlic String Beans are a winner.

Fish Hot Pot. Bubbly and tender fish.

MY personal favorite- Stuffed Fried Tofu. Simple yet crispy!

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