Friday, November 4, 2011

Fiji Market and Curry Kitchen

My goodness, this place is a gem. Honestly can't believe that I've been wasting my time eating at all the Kahuku Shrimp Trucks...what a "one-track mind" I have! Recently, while working in the Kahuku area and talking to some of my colleagues, I found that there are so many more food options on the North Shore than most people think (ie Papa Ole's, Tita's, Açaí Bowls in Hau'ula- that I will all do a post on very soon!). Many just rush and flood the typical shrimp trucks along the one road Kamehameha Highway. BUT, I have news for all of you!!

If you can do yourself one favor while out in this area, it would be to try this little Mom&Pop curry house/store, Fiji Market and Curry Kitchen. You will not be disappointed. Everyone that I have talked to that works on the North Shore, says nothing but great things about this place. Most say something along of the lines of, "Ooooh you're talking about the Fijian Curry? I am addicted to their shrimp curry and always order an extra roti. I have to eat there at least once a week!"And they say this with big, bulging they mean business!

So after all the hoopla and talk while working, I took my lunch break and headed to the old Sugar Mill. This place is located on the side, in the back. There are signs that lead you to this little gem. After ordering a Mince and Cheese Meat Pie to go, and Shrimp Curry to eat there, I sat outside and waited for this hyped-up meal to arrive. I was excited and mighty hungry!

After the owner (wife) brought it out to me and I took a bite, I kicked myself for not having tried this place sooner. While the Shrimp Trucks are great, and form long lines of tourists, this shrimp curry could not be beat. The shrimp were much larger than the shrimp trucks' shrimp, and the sauce/curry...AMAZING. Now, the curry was unlike the curry you may be thinking of. It's not thick like Japanese curry, and definitely not spicy. It is on the downside, actually more oily. BUT, this curry is not to be missed! It was so tasty that I actually found myself eating the cabbage on the bottom that the shrimp was sitting on just because it was drenched in the curry! DELICIOUS.

And hey, if you don't like shrimp, choose from beef, lamb, chicken, vegetarian, or corned beef curry! Be sure to ask for Roti too! You can get all Roti, all rice, or one of each, which is what I got!

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