Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hakata Daruma at Shirokiya

So now that Hide-Chan Ramen is gone (sadface), here we have more Hakata Tonkotsu from Fukuoka. Hakata Daruma will be here from Nov 7-20th.

For me, the ramen is beginning to get repetitive. This Hakata Tonkotsu didn't have a distinct taste from the others, and I only thought it was "ok." Maybe I needed to try the Hakata Noukou Tonkotsu Ramen with Soy Bean Sauce and Deep Pork Broth. That will be next on my list!

What I did enjoy was the many slices of chashu. So good- that's my favorite part!

Hakata Noukou Tonkotsu Bariniku- no onions

Straight Noodles

I want to try the Maharaja Curry!!!

My new addiction- Takoyaki with CHEESE

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