Thursday, November 17, 2011

Angelo Pietro's

I've been wanting to go to Pietro's for weeks now. Having not been there in ages (not since I was probably 10 or so), I really wanted to see it from a foodie's perspective. Who cares about fusion pasta when you're 10?!

Yep, I said it- fusion pasta. That's what I call it. To me, it's a mix of Italian and Japanese-inspired pasta creations. They use japanese ingredients like wasabi oil, tarako, tobiko, ika, ikura, natto, umeboshi, and japanese sausage in their special "Japanese Flavor" pastas. I want to try them all!

But, as my stomach is only so big, I had to settle on one. I asked our waiter to help me choose between three different pastas- Seafood PIETRO Style, Spaghetti Alla Desperata, and Seafood Peperoncini Wasabi Sauce. With an eager "Oooh of course the Wasabi Sauce pasta!" I went with that!

Ike and I also started with Raw Potato Salad, which of course, is a "MUST" when dining here. They bring you all 4 of their dressings, so you can try them all! The one in my fridge now, is the Miso Sesame, but you know, I really honestly like ALL of them. They each have their own unique flavor, but they really can appeal to all tastebuds. It's just what you're in the mood for!

Overall, I really like this place, especially their newer location (not really new, they've been here for years) next to Shokudo on Kapiolani. You park in the same structure in the back as well. If you validate, it's free!

Pietro's will definitely be added to my list of lunch places that I rotate between!! Here's to trying all of their pastas!

Sesame Miso, Shoyu, Ume, Ginger

Plantation Iced Tea and Shock Top Beer

Raw Potato Salad with all of the dressings to choose from!

Restaurant Week Special!

Such a deal @ $18!

Shrimp Hot Arabiata- Shrimp and Eggplant in a spicy tomato garlic sauce! Ike practically licked his plate clean, but was definitely working up a sweat throughout the meal!

Seafood Peperoncini Wasabi Sauce...a WINNER! Shrimp, Salmon and Scallops in a wasabi oil sauce. Not spicy at all. I loved the tinge of Wasabi flavor! I would definitely order this again.

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