Friday, November 11, 2011

Jawaiian Irie Jerk Restaurant

I've seen Jawaiian Irie Jerk Restaurant many times while walking to eat at Bella Mia or Himalayan Kitchen. With its cool Jamaican décor and vibe, I've always been curious, not to mention that I've never had Jamaican food before! So, my friend, Jeremy and I decided to go!

With my extensive Yelp review research, I walked in prepared and pretty much knowing what I wanted to order. Smoked Fish Dip, Jerk Shrimp, Ital Stew, Jamaican Curry, Jerk Pork, Jerk Chicken, Nutty Rice, Goat Curry (?), Oxtail Stew, Key Lime Pie, Rum Raisin Ice Cream.........waaaait...I can't order the whole menu!!!

Instead, we went with the Smoked Fish Dip to start, I chose the Jerk Pork (as I heard it was very tender), and Jeremy chose the Goat Curry, or as they have it on the menu, Curry Goat. Rum Raisin Ice Cream to share for dessert!!

As it was my first time having Jamaican, it was sort of how I imagined. A lot of curry flavor and a lot of spice. The bread to start came cut into rectangles with no crust and with a curry dip/butter. The Pork was generously rubbed with lots of jamaican spices and apparently marinated overnight, so my mouth was slightly on fire. I did really enjoy the Johnny Cake, which is a cornmeal and flour mixture; basically fried bread. It soaked in the Ital Stew's coconut curry, which was delicious! I especially love curry infused with some coconut milk or anything coconut/sweet.

I also tried Sorrel, a drink made with a flower related to the Hibiscus. This drink is infused with ginger and sweetened with cane sugar. I don't know if I would order it really did taste like I was eating a flower!

What I was also impressed with? The Chef, Chef Cassie, also came out to check on tables, say hi to friends, and make sure everything was going well. Such a nice touch!! I feel like all of the dishes that came out have a cute Jamaican vibe, and are sincerely made with Jamaican Irie Rasta L-O-V-E.

With orchids gracing the plates as a colorful garnish, open air seating, and reggae/island music playing in the background, this is a cute little Jamaican restaurant with lots of personality and flair. Quite the gem!

See what I see? Masculine Greens? Get it? Supposed to be Mesclun Greens or Mesuclin Lettuce. I love it!!

Bread with Curry Butter

Sorrel drink

Smoked Fish Dip with Sweet Potato Chips

Curry Goat- not gamey at all! I was really impressed. The meat is light and tender, and the curry is really smooth. I just wish they wouldn't have told me it was goat...

Jerk Pork- Pork Shoulder marinated with spices overnight. Ital Stew in upper left- a delicious, lightly-sweet curry with melt-in-your-mouth vegetables. Johnny Cake in your upper right.

Rum Raisin Ice Cream- YUP, there's RUM in it, and you sure can taste it. This ice cream is VERY "rummy," and super delicious. I absolutely love the fact that there's raisins mixed throughout.

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