Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tanioka's Seafood and Catering

I've mentioned Tanioka's in MANY blog posts time and time again, but never dedicated a post to it. It is one of my ALL TIME favorite places to eat and grab some tasty spicy ahi poke. If I lived in Waipahu or anywhere near, I'd go more times than I'm willing to share!

Finally, today, I had some time while standing in line to snap some pics of their delicious eats. I was done with work around 1145am and got there around noon, probably the worst time possible. I hit the major lunch crowd!

So what is Tanioka's known for? Their grand selection of fresh poke, bentos, Goteborg sausage musubi (Kauai's version of our Spam Musubi), fried chicken, juicy cone sushi, fish patties and even plate lunch! It is almost the perfect place to grab some pupus for tailgating, lunch/snack at the beach, lunch, dinner, breakfast...ANY TIME. What do I always grab at Tanioka's? Dad likes the Salmon fish patties; I go for the regular fish patties and a couple cone sushi to eat with it. I also love their Li Hing Mui Pineapple slices, Kim Chee Cucumber, Garlic Edamame, and my MOST favorite item at Tanioka's is their Spicy Ahi Cone Sushi. The spicy ahi is perfectly spiced- spicy, but not too spicy, and is loaded on top of really juicy cone sushi (inari) with homemade spicy mayo sauce. I used to get one 3-piece set, but now, I don't leave without two!!!

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 8-5
Saturday 9-5
Sunday 9-3

Plate Lunches: Roast Turkey, Beef Stew, Garlic Chicken, Smothered Pork Chops, Furikake Crusted Ahi, 3 different Hawaiian Plates, Fried Rice with Eggs, and a Mixed Plate.

Kulolo and Poi

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