Monday, November 14, 2011

Serg's Waimanalo

I love good Mexican food, but how can you compare to the authentic Mexican food places in LA? I found a pretty close match- Serg's! Read my original posts here and here. Their Beef Flauta and Horchata are my favorites!

Usually I go to their first and original location in Manoa by Boston's Pizza and Le Crepe Café. Today, though, having worked in Kaneohe, I decided to hit up their Waimanalo location for the first time.

Though not as crowded, the food still tastes just as good as their original Manoa location.You order from a little window, but there are tables inside as well.

I ordered Dad two of their Fish Tacos. He ate one, said he would save the other for dinner, but 5 minutes later, it was gone! Dad loved it!

Trust me, everything from this place is delicious! Best Mexican on the island!

Beef Flauta- To me, it's like a bigger taquito- a rolled taco that has been fried. Take a bite for beefy, crunchy goodness topped with generous amounts of queso fresco, onions, cilantro and guacamole!!!

Fish Taco- grilled

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