Sunday, November 20, 2011

Morio's Sushi Bistro

I've heard Morio's Omakase is amazing and a must-go, but my friend, Jeremy and I settled for their regular menu. The restaurant recently moved from its Waikiki location to next to Jack on the Box on King Street. I didn't ever make it to his Waikiki location, but this King St one seems much more convenient. Also, a small parking lot in the back devoted to him! Perfect.

While this restaurant is still extra small, with just about 4 small tables and a bar seating 4 people, it is definitely tight quarters. I felt I had to whisper to keep conversation to ourselves! I also read on Yelp what a character Morio usually is, however the restaurant was quiet as a mouse! He was quietly making his sushi and Omakase for a couple at the bar.

Some tips- Make a reservation. The restaurant is so small, you can't get in without a reservation! Secondly, get the Omakase!!! While the regular menu was mediocre, Jeremy and I are going back in a couple weeks to get their Omakase. A lot of the food I saw in the pics on Yelp, I asked the waiter for, but he kept saying that was part of an Omakase set. Clams, part of Omakase. Scallops, part of Omakase. Lobster Soup, part of Omakase. Ok, I get the idea. So, when I asked the waiter around how much the Omakase is per person, I expected the usual ~$100. But to my delight and surprise, he replied $30-40 a head! You're kidding me!! A friend went, had the Omakase, asked for Toro, Morio served her 6 pieces of it, not to mention clams in a wine broth, seafood dynamite, a 6-piece nigiri platter, unagi with yamaimo, salmon collar, seafood soup with prawns AND 6 oysters......and her tab ended up being about $35 a person (and took about 5 hours to eat)! What a secret gem this place is.

Will definitely be updating in a couple weeks with their Omakase menu. Keep checking back! For now, here's some of their regular menu items!

Complimentary Salad to start


Some patron doing the robot

Complimentary fried rice balls with salmon from Morio!

Complimentary Gyoza from Morio


Complimentary Gyoza Cheese Pizza. No meat or anything. Just the gyoza wrapper topped with some cheese..

Spicy Ahi Dynamite

Shishamo. I love this!

Spicy Ahi Dynamite

15 piece Nigiri Set- Morio's choice

Morio's Viagra clock

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