Monday, November 21, 2011

Arancino on Beachwalk

This has to be one of my new favorite Italian restaurants here in Hawaii! What a great place. I just wish they made one for the locals, that isn't tucked away in Waikiki. Arancino on Beachwalk is the original location, but they also have a second restaurant, Arancino Di Mare, by the Marriot at the other end of Waikiki. Why two Arancino's in Waikiki!?!? Couldn't you have moved one to East Honolulu?! Pretty please?

Anyway, I honestly wish I had tried this place sooner. There are so many other menu items that I'd really like to try. I hear from friends that their Tiramisu is amazing, as well as their Risotto. And their Pizzas! We saw a lot of tables ordering pizzas, and they looked delicious, with lots of different unique toppings and a thin, crispy crust. Some other interesting things? What looked like Fondue was actually Bagna Cauda, an anchovy, garlic and olive oil dip served with fresh slices of veggies. Everyone was ordering it! I also saw Lobster Bisque on the menu that I'm curious about, as I am the clams served in a white wine garlic sauce. Oh, and don't let me forget the Tobiko and Calamari Pasta! So many things to try! Can't wait to go back soon. Ooh, and for all you that like your Uni Pasta, they have that here!

Another thing I was impressed with was their Limoncello Tonic cocktail. What a simple, but delicious drink! It's sort of a sweeter lemon-y fizzy drink, and tastes like there's no alcohol in it whatsoever. Be careful though, these are the kind of drinks where you can drink many of them, but then you stand up, and you can definitely feel the buzz. We call this a "silent killer." ;)

Some tips when dining at Arancino:
1. Make reservations- Call ahead, but realize that they only take reservations from 5-6pm. It's worth it though. When we left, there were tons of people outside waiting.
2. Corkage is $15 a bottle
3. Parking is in the Bank of Hawaii building, right after you see the 7-11 on your left. It's just $1 if you get it validated in Arancino!
4. Lunch Specials- you get a salad or soup, 4 choices of pizza or pasta and a drink. If you're a local, ask for the Kama'aina discount, and the Manager said it should come out to about $10 for everything. Such a deal! The Tobiko and Calamari pasta is one of the choices! I'm coming back for lunch.
5. The Arancino Di Mare at the Marriot is bigger and has open-air seating. They also have a larger menu with more meat options, like Osso Bucco. The Arancino we went to seemed to be more focused on Seafood. That's ok with me though!!

Limoncello Tonic

The bread was served hot and very soft!

Caesar Salad with anchovies! YUM!

Meatballs for Dad

Linguine Ai Gamberetti- Linguine with Black Tiger Shrimp and Arugula in Tomato Sauce

Can't wait to try their Gnocchi too! Not too many places here in Hawaii make it fresh.

The outside of the restaurant when we left. Very crowded.

Build a Bear store with a real-life bear! These kids were so cute kissing and hugging the bear. Adorable.

This entire outfit is pretty much Bamboo Sky from the top to the cardigan (Ladakh, first seen here) to the skort (vintage Bsky) and even the necklace! Love them!

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