Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Purple Crochet

I haven't done a fashion post in awhile, so here's a quick one!

Recently bought this sexy "XXX" dress at Bamboo Sky. Two thing I realized after buying this- (1) I don't have many purple pieces of clothing and (2) I love this deep shade of purple! Thought it would be perfect for a night out on the town, paired with this Bamboo Sky crochet cardi. Love the peekaboo show of skin in the cutout part of the dress and also throughout the cardi. Leaves just enough to the imagination!


  1. HOTTIE! Dang girl, you are lookin' fine in that sexy little number. :) You turned heads fo sho!

    Did you dress up for Halloween?

    I think I'm coming to Oahu for Christmas break. I'll let you know so we can get our grub on! Maybe we can do a blogger meet up... with Allie (Heels, Eggs, & Rice) and Tiff (Tiff Heart Fashion). Are there any other Oahu fashion bloggers?? Too bad Jackie (Fashionation Street) is all the way on the Big Island!

    xx Love & Aloha

  2. ^^^ OMG THAT SOUNDS LIKE FUN! I know I wish I could try to make it for xmas break but my work prob won't let me get off :/ That means we have to come to you Sharon! But I will be making my way to Honolulu sometime a little after the holidays :)

    Kim! You look great in this dress... I wish I could look that good in a mini dress! Love how you paired it with the cardi... and I love this lipcolor on you, fab! <3