Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tlaquepaque, Sedona

Tlaquepaque is Sedona's arts and crafts village. What to do there? Look through the many art galleries featuring local Sedona artists and their creations or sift through the shops selling turquoise jewelry, navajo rugs, dreamcatchers, candles, clay art etc.

This quaint little village is art in itself. It is very sweet to walk around, as it is reminiscent of a traditional Mexican village. Stroll along the cobble-stoned walkways, gaze at the beautiful vine-covered stucco walls and don't forget to look up at the magnificent arched entryways.

Pronounced (TA-LA-KEH-PAH-KEH), Tlaquepaque has been a landmark since the 1970s, and means "the best of everything."

Check out our interesting day at Tlaquepaque. Definitely a day we won't forget. Btw, it's monsoon season here.......

I loved the Buddahs!

Gorgeous archways

I want these steps!

Love Lockets that you can get engraved.
It only locks once.
It's forever.

The wind chime that we bought!
Love the artistry!

Then the storm came...

The ground is so dry that when it rains, the ground is unable to soak up the rain.
This is what happens...

This happened 3 years ago in Tlaquepaque.
Oak Creek Flood

Our car!!!!!
(It survived thank God.)

High ground!!!!!

This stupid car drove right in it...don't know what they were thinking.

Rain and water died down, but left 2 ft of mud...

What was once clear and sunny...
was now full of red, muddy water
in the peaceful garden.

Small bulldozer hours later clearing the muddy driveway

Thanks Tlaquepaque, we'll never forget you!

I'll leave you with this picture...
shows just how much water flooded Tlaquepaque.

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