Sunday, August 28, 2011

Coffee or Tea?

The title should really say, Jasmine Green Milk Tea or Watermelon Juice? I wanted to just post a quick pic of the two drinks I picked up the other day from Coffee or Tea? Located in Mccully Shopping Center, I always stop here after eating my favorite Ramen at Yotteko Ya. I got the Super Jumbo size of my favorite Jasmine Green Milk Tea (hold the Boba), and also decided on ordering their Grande-size Watermelon Juice. Hey, I wanted to try it; it sounded delicious, especially having just come from the beach. Well, indeed it was. Refreshing, sweet, with a bit of watermelon pulp. When you see the sign up for their Special Watermelon Juice, order up! It's a Seasonal Specialty!

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