Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tae's Teppanyaki

I had bought some groupons on for Tae's a long time ago. I didn't realize it was almost a year ago and they were going to expire by Sept 1! So, here I was with two $5 for $10 worth or Steak Rolls! Had to use 'em FAST. My foodie friend, Chris, had told me about Tae's awhile back, so of course, I took him, the perfect person to use my groupons on. I knew he would enjoy it.

Well, I have to say I was a bit skeptical about Tae's. I like steak, but I always feel like restaurants don't do a great job preparing it. It's either really dry, chewy or cooked way too rare for me. I've only had great steak twice- that would be my dad's steak, and this year's past Fourth of July Party where my parents' best friends brought over Hy's filets to grill. It was the most tender pieces of steak I've ever had. Thus, I find it hard for any other piece of steak to compare.

Anyway, I had Yelped Tae's earlier just to see what else was on their menu. There were Steak Roll pictures galore, but Pork/Beef Sukiyaki seemed to be a favorite among customers as well. I love Sukiyaki!! And it sure looked delicious topped with a big sunny side egg plopped on top! So when I finally met Chris for lunch, I asked him about the Sukiyaki, and he agreed it was indeed delicious, and that he wanted to order that instead. We asked the lady taking our order if we could possibly order the Sukiyaki instead of Steak Rolls. She had to ask, but they said it was fine!!! Awesome!!! I ordered the Beef Sukiyaki, and Chris had the Pork Sukiyaki.

(I guess I will have to try their famous Steak Rolls another time...)

Five minutes later, our plate lunches came out. We feasted on our Sukiyaki, while doing what we foodies do second best (what we do the best is EAT...duh!)- talking about more food and restaurants!

Would I be back? OF COURSE. Chris and I met on a Saturday for lunch, and I was so sad they are closed on Sundays, because I would've definitely been back the following day! The beef was tender and moist cooked in a tasty sauce. It even came with Ponzu on the side, though you didn't even need it. And the egg...perfectly cooked just the way I like it. Not runny and uncooked; but "over medium"- a crumbly yolk with still some ooze to it. It also came with two scoops of rice. I love need to mess around with a thick mayo-y potato or mac salad. Yes, just two scoops rice and the beef sukiyaki. Sensational!

Parking! Almost forgot. That's a bit tricky here, but the food is so worth it, I'll find a way! There's a small parking lot in the back of the restaurant for 6 cars, but it's basically 3 stalls. Another 3 cars have to double park behind the first 3. Found it strange a couple people asked if we had "so and so" car, but realized why when we finished lunch and walked outside to the parking lot. There's also two spaces right in front of the restaurant that are usually filled...though you could get lucky that day! Also, Tae's is located across the street from Don Quijote, so there's lots of street parking around. Here's an insider tip though- Park in Don Quijote's second parking lot and just walk over to Tae's. Don't park in the main DQ lot, but the one across the street- it's closer to Tae's. Shh, keep this a secret though!

5 item menu and
Small little window to order.

Then, feel free to sit down anywhere.
AC included! WOO!

Tae's "parking lot"