Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Taco'ako Tuesdays

After hearing about Taco'ako Tuesdays about a week or two ago, I've been excited to go. It's basically a Taco Tuesdays with about 5-8 Food Trucks all lined up around Kaka'ako Park (Cooke Street, Oceanside). You could call it a smaller Eat The Street, serving up a lot of Taco stuff. But here, the entrees and tacos are not, I repeat, NOT, $1-2. Beware, you'll want to try a little of everything from each truck like us, and I think we each spent about $15-20. These trucks get expensiveeee!

Taco'ako Tuesdays starts around 11am and goes til about 2pm. Don't go late- some trucks run out of their food and are outta there ASAP! There's also a lot of metered parking around the park, so that wasn't an issue for us. The biggest issue is this- come early and stand in long lines OR go a bit later like 1230-1ish and all the popular food has run out! Take your pick.

We started to get our food at around 1230-1ish (because I was late, I admit it!), and onigiri had run out at Da Ala Cart, no more Pastele Stew at Kai's, and no more shrimp tacos at Xtreme Tacos. BOOOO.

PS- Bring CASH. And lots of it.

Here's a listing of what was there this past Taco'ako Tuesdays: (I was hoping Flipt Out Eats would be there, but they didn't show up!)

Kai's Pastele Shop
Da Ala Cart
Xtreme Tacos
The Curb (Lattes and Shave Ice)
Puffette's Egg Puff
Camille's on Wheels
Tiki Truck

It was a beautiful day!!

"You Twit Face"

2 Plates of Xtreme Tacos Sampler.
Gotta try the "Falaco." That's my favorite!
Crispy falafel in a taco...GENIUS!

Da Ala Cart's Yaki Mochi

Da Ala Cart's Tsukune

Puffette's WASABI egg puff. Weird.
Not pictured Original Egg Puff, which was way better.
Da Ala Cart's Gyutan (Beef Tongue)
We ordered the LAST one!!!

Some benches, but get 'em quick!

Kai's Pastele Plate.
They ran out of Pastele Stew!!

Kai's Fried Pastele Burrito.
This was my favorite!
Lots of CHEESE and meat in a crispy outer shell.

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