Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Off To Work I Go

Lots to catch up on!! Just got home from 3 weeks of traveling. As you saw in previous posts, the family and I traveled to Sedona, Arizona for 8 days. We were home for 1.5 days, and then Dad and I were off again for a business meeting in Redwood City- about half an hour away from my beloved college city, San Francisco. While stuck in meetings all day, I was just itching to get to the city! My best friend, Nick, traveled all the way from DC to see me and some of his college roommates, so it was definitely a party!

Here's some pics of my work attire. Love my Bamboo Sky Pants! So perfect for fashionable work trousers. Paired with Bamboo Sky Zipper Jacket (first seen here, and you can even zip away sections for a different look!), Mink Pink Rambo top, and Oh...Deer! Houndstooth heels.

Completely adore the leopard lining! So chic!

I loved this little touch in my bathroom.
Chinese Lucky Plant! I'm looking to get one for my own bathroom at home.


  1. I'm in love with your jacket. Those zippers and the animal print liner....AH-mazing!

  2. OOOo looking oh-so-chic, love. The pants are fab.. but I'm totally lovin' the jacket. So lucky that you got to go on SF.. I love that city!

    Did you enter my giveaway yet? Swing on by, a super sweet top is up for grabs. :)

    xx Love & Aloha