Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Elote Cafe

Located in King's Ransom Hotel in Sedona, Arizona, Elote Cafe is mexican fine dining at its finest. There isn't an extensive menu, but whatever you order here will have you leaving with a full stomach and an enthusiastic "this was the best mexican food I've ever had!"

I read on Yelp that people start lining up at 430pm for a 5pm opening, and if you don't come early, expect to wait 1-2 hours! WHOA! I was nervous as we arrived around 630pm. We gave the hostess our name and of course, she said it would be an tehour and fifteen minutes........unless we wanted to sit at the bar! We would be able to have our meal there and everything, so of course we obliged! Mom and I sat down immediately! So wonderful!

We started with their famous Elote appetizer, which is mexican grilled corn. Such an amazing dish! It was basically sweet corn with mayo, cayenne pepper or chile powder, lime juice and cotija anejo crumbled cheese. Have it with the complimentary chips or the corn tortillas that it came with. One of the easiest and tastiest appetizers to make! Lots of people buy the cookbook that is sold there just to get this recipe.

Mom and I split two entrees: Pork Cheek and Carnitas. Both were tender, but the Pork Cheek was extremely tender. To make a long story short, Mom ended up NOT sharing her Pork Cheek with me, though I happily ate my Carnitas. I would definitely have Elote and the Pork Cheek next time! Many people were ordering a big hunk of Lamb Adobo, though I'm not a big Lamb fan.

All in all, a GREAT Mexican place to eat in Sedona. I feel like great food is hard to come by out here with all the Southwestern food around, but these gems are so worth the wait and drive.

Two Red Sangrias sandwich a White Sangria (which is what I had).
White Sangria was sweeter and fruitier.

Blood Orange Margaritas to left!

10 Cane Mojito


The Chef himself, signing one of his cookbooks.

Pork Cheek


Mexican lollipops for dessert

What we stepped outside to...

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