Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pink Jeep Tours

If you ever travel to Sedona, Arizona, The Pink Jeep Tour is a must-do! There are 7 different tours to choose from, though I highly recommend the Broken Arrow Tour. Plus, all the guides seemed friendly and energetic, but our guide, Mike, was humorous and really intelligent about the area/geology. We all learned so much.

Btw, a lot of these red rock formations end with "Butte." In French, "Butte" means "mound." For example, Courthouse Butte.

Takes about 9 weeks to turn a regular Jeep into one of these hardcore rocky road babies!

"Twisted Sisters"

Wonder how the Owner of Hummer thought of the design?
This is a naturally-formed rock!

Utah Juniper, Arizona Cypress, and Pinon Pines.
The Cypress has a blue-ish green tint to it with silvery tips.
The Pines are greener, and the Juniper are the rounder trees in the distance.

Our guide, Mike!

The "red" rocks are actually that grayish-ivory color.
The rocks have a very little amount of iron in it, which makes the rocks naturally rust.
So basically these are rusted rocks!

The spots are the actual color of the rocks.

See the Fault Line?

Prickly Pear!
You can actually survive for a few days on the juice of this.
Tastes like a cross between a watermelon and a pear, so I hear...
Prickly Pear juice also has a lot of Vitamin E in it, so it is used as a healing agent.

Parry's Agave.
Starts as the short spiky plant for 60 years, and then grows to be that tall skinny tree.
The bottom spiky plant dies just to give life to the tall skinny tree.
Grows about 4-6 inches a day!

Mushroom Rock on top of the "UFO"
and your very own Whale!
Can you see all of this?

Submarine Rock

The white top is the beginning of the Colorado Plateau.
They are newer, younger rock formations.

We drove down this rock!

The black marks are called Rock Varnish or Desert Tapestries (Desert Patina).
This happens when Iron and Manganese mixes with wind/sun/dew and bacteria.
Our guide, however, called it God's Crayon.

Yep, drove down these steps too!


  1. Pink Jeep Tour!? Sign me up. What an amazing adventure.. loved looking at all the photos. I tried a prickly pear before... except it looked different.. more pear shaped. :) It's delicious! and yes, taste like a cross between a watermeleon and pear.. with a little kiwi too.

    xx Love & Aloha

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