Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lulu's and Tutti Frutti (San Carlos, CA)

Boy, jet setting has its goods and bads, alright. After 1.5 days of being back home after our Sedona trip, I'm back on the mainland in SF. The bads? Major jetlag, business meetings all day for the next 3 days, a nice hotel room though it won't suffice for my own comfy bed, no dog to cuddle with at night while watching TV, cold weather, waking up at 615am, no car....obviously the list can go on! The goods? I get the chance to be back in my old college city (!!!!!!) and I had a chance to meet with family for a nice mexican dinner and froyo dessert. 

I was beyond excited to get together with my Aunty Alex and her family, TZK (Tom, Zora, and Kai), at a taqueria in San Carlos. I haven't been back to the city for over a year now, and I have missed them and the city dearly. Having lived here for 4 years, it took me back to all of my collegiate memories. Ahhh, the days. I can say that I actually miss 'em. Boy, have things changed. 

Having been so used to seeing my Aunty and Uncle and TZK on a regular basis every month or so in college, it was definitely nice to catch up. But we had so much to catch up on, I don't think a dinner could have done it! We did our best though, and finished off with some nice Tutti Frutti Froyo! YUMS!

Now, back to the food. Lulu's in San Carlos is not your usual taqueria. Aunty, Uncle and TZK are very health conscious, and due to that, find the best tasting healthy food you can think of. You know, healthy food can most of the times taste bland or very unflavorful, right? But they scope out the places that tastes great, and are nice to your body. Nothing here was overly oily or salty...basically a more americanized and cleaner taqueria, you could say!

We all had a variety of fish tacos, burritos, taco salad and nachos. All were delicious! My carnitas "Super Burrito" was gigantic! Came with carnitas, whole pinto beans, and green cilantro rice all wrapped in a tomato tortilla. The tortilla was really soft and had a bit of a sweeter taste to it. Really great. To drink, Aunty Zora, Aunty Alex and I had their Agua Frescas in either Lemon-Lime, Pineapple or Horchata! I wish I could have tried their Horchata, but I wanted something light and fruitier, so I went with the Pineapple. Plus, come on, we were having froyo after!

All in all, a great night spent with family. I really missed it, and it was nice to be back in SF with them. I miss the days we used to get together at Aunty and Uncle's house and talk over some nice cheese and nut crackers. Ahhhh the days. 

Look at the number of different hot sauces! Wow!

Chips in a bucket!

Pineapple Agua Fresca

Look at all the different froyos! Mine is the most boring- original tart with mixed jellies and granola.
I'm a simple kinda girl ;)


  1. Heyyy, yes I checked out Song of Style.. love that touch of turquoise... and I loved that necklace you had on :)

    I'm a boring person too.. I loveeee my tart flavors with not too much toppings :) Lulu's looks so good. Chips in the bucket is the best.


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  3. OOOH, Lulu's looks so yummy! I need to check out that place! I'm more of a Pinkberry kinda gal, but Tutti Frutti is just as good. Keep it simple is a good model. I love original flavor with fruity pebbles. Yum!

  4. the foood!!! Mexican it!!