Friday, August 5, 2011

Airport Mesa Hike

If you know a little about Sedona, you'll know there are certain mountains with a vortex. A vortex is created by spiraling motion of air or liquid around a center of rotation. An example of this would be a dust devil. If you've ever seen a dust devil kick up dirt or dust, then you've seen a vortex. Here in Sedona, though, a vortex is created not by wind or water, but from spiraling energy. At the vortex, you can facilitate mediation, prayer, and healing. These are places of heightened metaphysical and spiritual energy.

Many people have traveled to these certain places to "feel" the energy. Of course, Mom and I wanted to as well! We went to one of the four vortexes, Airport Mesa, though the other three are Bell Rock, Boynton Canyon, and Cathedral Rock. All of these are in my last few posts!

You have to remember that there is no "X marks the spot." Many travel to these spots to contemplate life, and in turn, feel a happier, uplifting and content feeling. Some feel dizzy, but I think that's just from hiking in 100 degree weather!

In the end, when we left, Mom and I said we didn't feel much, but did feel more calm once we reached the top. The 360 degree view was amazing, and though hot, we sat for awhile in utter peace and quiet. It was, indeed, enlightenment at its finest.


  1. I was thinking about going to Sedona next year, but after reading your post, I HAVE to check it out now. I love that whole zen and one with the natural stuff...minus the hippiness. HAHA.

  2. The view is spectacular... Would love to visit if I have a chance... Glad that you enjoyed it. I am quite into the "Zen" kinda stuff so I think I'll probably enjoy it as well. ;)