Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Out of Africa (Arizona)

Out of Africa is Arizona's Wildlife Park featuring animals from all over the world. See lions, tigers, giraffes, zebra, rhinos, black bears, camels, red tail boa constrictors, ostrich, tortoise, and hyenas. So many more!! The park is gigantic!

If you ever come here, be sure to pack water, it is HOT. Beware of the heat, there's hardly any shade!

Cool fact- the only one white rhino, Boom Boom (not pictured), was rescued by Marc Echo of Echo Clothing!

"Call us wild. Call us crazy. Just don't call us a ZOO."

PS- Pilgrim is obviously my most favorite animal here.

Pilgrim, the friendliest giraffe ever!
He took my carrot FIRST out of everyone on the bus!

The animals consume about 300-500 carrots a day, plus the cookies PLUS their regular meals.

When these animals see the buses come through, they come a runnin'!

Adam, our tour guide, stuck the carrot in his mouth and Pilgrim ate it from there!

"More cookies!"

I wanted to see these zebras the most,
but after seeing them in their natural habitat with other animals,
I quickly realized how big bullies they are!!!
They charge the other animals and hoard the treats we threw over.

Are the zebras white with black stripes OR
black with white stripes?
Answer: the latter.

The friendliest Camel!

Mom and baby!

This was my favorite. White and gorgeous horns.

Water Buffalo

Kebow, a second giraffe we saw, sleeping.
I guess this is how they sleep!

An older giraffe, Kebow.
Look at the rolls on that guy!

More bullies...

"Tiger Splash" Show

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