Monday, April 25, 2011

Tokkuri-Tei (New Location)

I know it's been a few months since Tokkuri-Tei's new location opened, but better late than never, right? As soon as I heard about it moving into the old Ranch House and Sam Choy's, I wanted to check it out! 

Overall, I really think it's a better location for Tokkuri-Tei. Even on a Monday night, it was pretty crowded inside. They have many more tables, but most were filled. I remember everyone always squeezing inside their old location by Papa John's and Tenkaippin. So tiny and the parking was awful! In the new location, you do still need to valet in the parking structure below, or find street parking, or wait til 6pm and you can park in the First Hawaiian Bank parking lot for free. 

I read reviews where people stated that the new location was solid, but the food lacked its usual pizzazz. For me, usually I love Tokkuri-Tei, but tonight, the food was just "ok." I don't know if maybe I ordered the wrong things, but I didn't stuff my face as usual. When I stuff my face and hardly take time to breathe, then you know the food was "breathtaking." No pun intended!!!

The dishes I would recommend? I almost always order the Ika Yaki (Squid Pancake) and the Salmon Skin Salad (with silky Tofu). Those are always great dishes. You can't go wrong with those two. 

Their award-winning and most popular dish is the Spider in Da Poke. I thought that was just "ok." The Sushi comes without rice and just Soft Shell Crab, Salmon and Maguro wrapped in the seaweed, topped with Ikura, Tobiko and onions. The sauce that comes with it is the sweet/sour sauce. I didn't care much for the sauce at all and actually missed the rice that was absent. Most Yelpers also loved the Baked Alaskan Roll, which is basically a Baked Salmon Roll. I assumed it would come with the creamy Dynamite sauce, but it came with no sauce, and I didn't understand what was really "baked." Yes, the Salmon was cooked, but besides that and the crispy flakes on top, it was a very mediocre dish. With no sauce, it was very dry. 

For my last dish, we ordered Enoki Maki. Now, this, I would order again. It is very simple- Enoki Mushrooms wrapped in Pork on skewers (only 2 skewers per order). Simple, yet delicious and full of flavor. Juicy too. I have come to the realization that the most simple dishes are usually the most delectable. 

Overall, I never had a problem with the old location. I sort of miss the ambiance and close-knit quarters of that restaurant. The new place misses that feeling. The food? I'll have to keep researching new fan favorites and get back to you. I fully intend to find the deliciousness in their food again. Maybe just give it some time? It is "new."

Located above Hee Hing Chinese Restaurant

A much more spacious restaurant with the same decorations as the old place

Spider in Da Poke- Maguro, Salmon and Soft Shell Crab in a roll without RICE.

Salmon Skin Salad with silky tofu hidden underneath!

There it is!

Ika Yaki aka Squid Pancake loaded with Bonito Flakes on top.
They waver with the sauce!
Baked Alaskan Roll

Enoki Maki- delicious and juicy!


  1. Haha I see you checked out Tokkuri Tei's new spot :) The spider poke to me is good, but not as good as it was in the old location. I get this sneaky feeling the quality of the soft shell crab and fish has dropped a little since they moved. Perhaps to save on cost? Or it might just be a new kitchen thing.

    Glad you enjoyed the other dishes though!

  2. YES!! I had to when I saw your post!

    As for the food, yeah, I felt like it had lost some magic. My experience was only mediocre. They did however, keep our water and tea cups always filled, which was nice. Other than that, I miss the old location!!!