Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Late Night, Late Bite

Enjoying Life.

I was craving Shokudo's late night menu......and basically just Shokudo in general. Mmmm Mochi Cheese Gratin, Salmon Rice, Lychee Martini, Li Hing Shooters (that taste like juice!), and Honey Toast!!! To be honest, we went an hour and a half before the late night happy hour started just because I couldn't wait til 1030pm! But for reference-sake, their "Before Dark Happy Hour" starts from 4-6pm, and their "After Dark Happy Hour" starts at 1030-closing. They have great deals like $3 Sangria, $3 Kirin, $3 wine, and a variety of different plates for only $3! They also have their infamous Honey Toast for just $3 aptly-named "Honey Toast Jr." Instead of 2 big towers of Honey Toast, it comes with just one, but still big enough for 2-3 people to share!

Salmon Rice- the beginning

Salmon Rice- After.
Crispy rice with bits of Shiso leaf, Ikura and Salmon

Ume Cucumber Salad with Bonito Flakes
Ume dressing isn't overwhelming and pungent.
Bonito Flakes adds a bit of salty taste to it.

Rainbow Roll!

Really colorful! And also really tasty.
Topped with Shrimp, Avocado, Salmon, and Hamachi.

Enjoying a Lychee Tini made with Chrysanthemum Flower

Lychee Tini- Very Popular!

Sushi Pizza- Crab, Shrimp and Scallop shredded up and mixed together,
used as the topping. The bottom "crust" is Nori!

Shiso Salt Fries and my favorite, MOCHI CHEESE GRATIN.
Taste like heaven, but feels like each bite is about 1000 calories.
Why does everything that taste delicious have the most calories?!

Late Night Menu

Li Hing Sake Shooter! Juice in a shot!

Honey Toast JUNIOR

So So SO yummy I dream about it!!!

It's been a chilly couple of days lately, therefore I've been obsessed with my booties. Gotta keep my footsies warm! Also love how my Denim Jacket lightens the mood a little. I like having one piece of clothing or accessory that either really dresses UP an outfit, or makes it more casual. 

Another thing I've become obsessed about- mixing prints! I love me some floral and stripes...BUT this time, I tried floral and polka dots! I loved the combo, though my guy friends definitely did NOT get it. Oh well...what do they know!? ;)


  1. I fricken love Shokudo.. I wanted to try that mochi cheese but I didn't and ordered other stuff so I guess I'm going to have to next time around!!

    This has to be one of the best late night places to grab a bite ;) and an alchy fix

  2. omggg you HAVE to try the mochi cheese! it is probably the best thing on the menu! you really cant NOT like it. sooo delish.

    and yessss, super good drinks too!!