Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brasserie Du Vin

At last, the weekend! I was happy my best friend Kristen came home just 3 short days, so I decided to take her to Brasserie Du Vin. I've been wanting to go there for awhile, after hearing that their Baked Brie is to die for! And honestly, where else in Hawaii can you get Baked Brie!? I've also heard that their Wine Tuesdays are awesome as well with bottles of wine being a certain percentage off...I believe its 25%? If anyone knows, please correct me. Another thing I love about this place, Monday- Saturday from 4-6pm is Happy Hour! They have specialty drinks and some wine on discount, plus the Happy Hour menu is half off! This includes (and not only) Baked Brie for 8 bucks, Caprese Salad at $6, Escargot at $6 and Grilled fish for only $8! 

Some background info on where this place is located- Du Vin, for short, is located on Bethel Street in Downtown, next to another great restaurant, Soul De Cuba (which I did a post on earlier), and also located around Fighting Eel and Tee Tee Bar, for your Fashionistas out there! Parking is a con...just because you have to find street parking OR park in Mark's Garage for $5, plus the parking police are VERY strict in Downtown!!! Be careful! But for the tastiness of the Baked Brie @ Du Vin, and the Oxtail/Mojitos at Soul De Cuba, I might just chance it every now and then!

Cute Patio area in the back. Really nice for a Happy Hour date!

Caprese Salad with Mozzarella, Olive Tapenade, Basil and Tomatoes-
all of my favorite things on one plate!

Topped with a generous amount of Olive Tapenade! YUM!

Mixed Olives for only $2

BAKED BRIE- what I have been waiting for! Use the crunchy apples to scoop
the Brie out or use the complimentary bread they bring.

Stuffed with dried Cranberries and Pecans!
So amazing.

As for Fashion, you gotta look hip while walking through Downtown! You also need an elastic or drawstring waist for all the food you will consume...which is exactly what I did!

Here we have another one of my favorite rompers by designer Veronica M.
So SO SO comfy!!! 

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