Monday, April 18, 2011

Ichiriki Sukiyaki

Every week, my friends and I frequent Ichiriki Loft. Please see my first post here. As I mentioned in that post, we love the ambiance as well as awesome service, drinks and FOOD! We usually have our favorite Nabes, Curry and the "Ichiriki," but decided to try something different. After hearing how tasty the Sukiyaki is, we wanted to try it! We know the owner (since we eat there every week!), and of course, had to have him make it- he's the best! Ask for Danny!

PS- to order the Sukiyaki at Ichiriki, must have at least 2 orders.

Here is a special step-by-step guide as to how to make the PERFECT Sukiyaki.

Start with a sukiyaki pan

Sukiyaki Sauce

Dashi to calm down the sweet flavor or the Sukiyaki Sauce

Yummy ingredients!

Meat and Sausage

Lubricate pan with Lard

Add in special Ichiriki sausage from bamboo stick

Brown sausage and Beef

Add in some Sukiyaki Sauce

Start simmering veggies and beef/sausage

Add in the rest of the veggies

Add in Dashi.
Simmer veggies in broth.

Once the meat is fully cooked, your Sukiyaki is ready to be dug into!

Meal comes with 2 eggs. The eggs, however, are not to cook in your broth.
Stir it up- it's made to use as your dipping sauce!
Danny says it tones down the sweet flavor of the Sukiyaki sauce.
It really was delicious! If you're squirmish like I was, give it one try, you might like it!

Next, try these 2 bubbly drinks for a little buzz...

Midori Mimosa- Midori and Champagne

The color was a pretty fluorescent green!

Chambord Mimosa- Chambord and Champagne with a sugary rim

Here's the fashion part of this post:

Bamboo Sky purse for a pop of color

Loved these comfortable silky shorts, especially
because of the smocked waist. It is not as tight as elastic,
as it gives a lot more. Perfect for eating A LOT of Sukiyaki!

And how can you not love these gorgeous lace-up shoes with fringe? Gotta love

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  1. OMG that sukiyaki looks so good.. must try! Those silk shorts are too cute.. I'm trying to look for a pair. I only wish I could be as thin as you and eat all these wonderful foods :P

    Andddd lace-up shoes with fringe?! TOOOO CUTE!