Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Next Stop: Bambu Two!

After Brasserie Du Vin Happy Hour, we wanted more drinks! Known for their wide selection of Specialty Martinis and great Happy Hour also, we walked over to Bambu Two. This is also on Bethel, about a minute walk from Du Vin and diagonal from Fighting Eel.

They have about 20 different martinis to choose from, plus $3.50 Blueberry, Cranberry or Dirty Martinis. I've heard mixed reviews about these 3 martinis- all from being too strong to too sweet/juice-like to tasting just plain "awful." After trying the Cranberry Martini, I have to say I agree that it did in fact taste like juice...it went down so easily!! But honestly, I don't like my drinks too strong, so I would definitely order the Cranberry Martini again. I also tried the Creamsicle Martini, which in this case, was definitely strong! It sure did taste like a Creamsicle, but this "Creamsicle" is not made for kids!

As a side note, I've also heard a lot about the Guiness Martini, which apparently looks and tastes just like Guiness! Try it out- I'd love some feedback on it!

Open all day from 10am!

Cranberry Martini on top, Creamsicle on the bottom!

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