Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sushi San

Though my theory about new restaurants is to wait and let them live and learn a little, I had to give Sushi San a try. I've heard good reviews about this place and then also not-so-good reviews. I had to try it for myself! 

For the pros, I do really like how there are multiple rotating belts, 2 for twice your choice of sushi, plus below that, a belt for tea and tea mugs. This is great for you impatient eaters like myself! You don't have to wait for the waiters/waitresses to bring you your tea. Tea and Sushi instantly! You do, however, have to wait til they bring you water...but that was quick too. 

Another plus- since I did miss the Grand Opening discount of 25% off, I went during Happy Hour from 3-6pm to receive 15% off! Thank you Yelpers for that tip!! When I got there, I also found out they have a night time Happy Hour from 9-10pm, and they also give you a 10% coupon if you ask for it. (See last picture for that.)

As for the taste and variety of sushi...please remember this is no Tokkuri-Tei, Sushi King or Yanagi's. I have never really enjoyed Genki because of their poor selection, small plates of sushi and not-so-good quality fish, but I have to give Sushi San a 5/5 for variety. I think they are more creative with their sushi plates and also side dishes (Dons, Karaage, Udon, Ika etc) you can order as well. Those sushi chefs definitely love their blow torches though!!! They use that thing on everything you can think of!

You can see 2 rotating belts on top, and the one on the bottom with Tea and Cups

Tea and Tea Mugs to pick up at your convenience

From L to R: Shoyu dish, Ginger, tongs, Wasabi, Shoyu
Grab the tea bag, tea mug and water at each seat!!
A big PERK!

Garlic Ahi- one of my favorites!
This is one of the dishes they used the Blow Torch on.

Chili Tuna- not bad, but I would not get again.
Good if you like that sweet/sour Chili sauce used in Chinese/Vietnamese cooking, and on Crispy Gau Gee.

One of my favorite dishes- you can get this Don hot or cold.
I preferred this to come in a hot pot.
Comes with Unagi, Tamago, Ikura, Limu Poke, and a white fish (I dont know the name!)

I loved the furikake/kamaboko/Takuan rice!
Also let the rice sit in the hot pot for awhile to make it crispy...SO GOOD!

Thought I ordered Ahi Takaki, but I realized when I bit into it, it was BEEF Tataki!!
Aiya!! Not one of my favorites...

Philadelphia Roll- the usual

Honeymoon Roll- Kind of strange..I think it was filled with Bacon...
I did however, enjoy the crispy Kabocha Pumpkin slices on top!
Sauce was also strange- I think it was some kind of sweet mustard sauce.
I had originally heard that this was good from Yelpers and some other friends,
but this wasn't one of my favorites. Just a bunch of different tastes from salty bacon to sweet and then crunchy.

Dragon Roll- the usual

15% off at Happy Hour and 10% coupon in the right-hand corner for next time!

All in all, a decent rotating sushi place. Like I said before, I'm not a huge rotating sushi fan, but I would go here over Genki. I have yet to try Kuru Kuru, which I have heard is great too! Soon, I promise!

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to Sushi San! The don is definitely the best thing there. I think you meant "Kuru Kuru" sushi instead of "Kuri Kuri" though :P That place is pretty good as far as kaiten sushi goes.