Monday, April 25, 2011

Fresh Catch UPDATE!

Many of you probably read my previous post on Fresh Catch here. I first got the chance to sample Fresh Catch's Ahi Katsu plate lunch at the New Food and Products Show at the Blaisdell Center this past weekend. What a dream that plate lunch was! So juicy and tender that katsu was! 

Now, I know I promised you I would update soon once I had tried the actual restaurant/fish monger. Always keeping my promise, here it is! Fresh Catch is located in Kaimuki in what used to be the old Pizza Hut/Taco Bell. Before walking in, I wasn't sure what this place would be. I always thought it was a take-out for poke, but they have a large menu as well and  a few benches inside for the lunch crowd. Parking is also a breeze, since they have their own private lot. If you know me, that's a definite plus!

As far as their plate lunches go, they serve anything from Ahi Katsu to Furikake Salmon to Smoke Meat and Onions to Poke Fried Rice! Yes, Poke Fried good does that sound? And at how many places in Hawaii can you get that? Yes, only Fresh Catch! And for only $'s such a steal! A lot of people were stopping in for Poke Bowl as well. They have a large variety of different pokes to choose from, but I've heard their Spicy Ahi is popular. Get that with rice to go, and you're set!

For my meal, I couldn't decide whether I wanted the Ahi Katsu again since it was so delicious before, but I took a risk and went for the Furikake Salmon. I'm so glad I made the switch! The Salmon was light, not overcooked and juicy. It was just how I wanted it- moist and medium-rare. Most restaurants overcook their salmon, and it comes out dry and very untasty. This was the complete opposite, and I was very happy with my decision. I think I would order it again over the Ahi Katsu!

Another thing my friend and I noticed- Fresh Catch probably uses a whole jar of furikake on all of their plates! The chef has a heavy hand when sprinkling the furikake on top! But then again, who's complaining? Not me!

Furikake Salmon

Sorry, guys, I don't share ;P

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