Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gogi Korean Taco Truck

Hungry for some Korean tacos on-the-go? Go to Gogi Taco Truck!! My friend, Joe, and I recently tried this food truck located on Kapiolani Blvd. Catch 'em in the parking lot where Jazz Minds is located. 

They have a variety of different items on the menu, including Spicy Pork/BBQ Chicken/BBQ short ribs/Tofu Tacos for only $2 a piece, Kimchee Fries, BiBim Burrito, Gogi Dog V2.0, and Quesadilla and Sliders! What'd we try? Mmmm...basically EVERYTHING!!! And it wasn't expensive at all! This is great for a fast, tasty and inexpensive lunch!

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4 Tacos, 1 BiBim Burrito, and a Gogi Dog Version 2.0!

One each of the Taco (Spicy Pork, BBQ Short Rib, BBQ Chicken and Tofu)
Gogi Dog and Burrito

A bunch of stuff on this Dog!
Egg, Kewpie Mayo, Hot sauce, Furikake, Onions, Bulgogi, Cheese

Tofu, BBQ Short Rib, Spicy Pork (AKA Bulgogi), BBQ Chicken
I'd recommend the BBQ Short Rib.
Really flavorful and tender.

BiBim Burrito

The inside of the Gogi Dog.
You can see the egg yolk ooze out!

BiBim Burrito with Egg, Kim Chee, BBQ Short Rib, Kim Chee Fried Rice...
SO DELICIOUS. This was my favorite!!

Friend's dad owns this, so I got to check out the inside of the truck!

Check them out on Kapiolani Blvd!

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