Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Agnes' Portuguese Bake Shop

Another Kailua neighborhood favorite, Agnes' specializes in Malasadas!! But from the taste and look of the Lilikoi Blossom we also picked out, they specialize in baked goods goodness, period! I can imagine it being very busy in the morning hours as a cute coffee shop. Chai Tea Latte with a warm Malasada? Like I said, Baked Goods Goodness!!!

Malasada info-
80 cents per malasada for < a dozen
$7.70 for a dozen
65 cents per malasada for > a dozen

A wide selection of syrups for Italian Sodas!!

Bakery Special, the Lilikoi Blossom, sprinkled with a generous amount of powdered sugar!

Inside of the Lilikoi Blossom- Poundcake filled with Lilikoi jam and frosting

Famous Malasadas!

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