Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kalapawai Cafe and Deli

Also located in Kailua, is the ever famous Kalapawai Cafe and Deli. Having first mentioned it in my Cinnamon's post a month ago, I wanted to at least take a peek firsthand. Although my friend and I were stuffed from Rai Rai Ramen, we passed by and just stopped in. I know they have a deli and also sell pastries, so I thought "hey, why not, I'm in the neighborhood, and can always take some food home..." The menu was vast and everything looked good. I'll have to go back again on an empty stomach. Expect an "Updated" follow-up post soon! The only thing I walked out with was a Blueberry Muffin. I can never say no to a Blueberry Muffin!! And it was everything I had hoped for. Moist, lots of blueberries, and did I say gigantic? Yes, it was GIGANTIC.

Next time, I'm definitely trying the Fig and Bacon Salad or the Apple and Blackberry Fruit Crisp!


  1. Curious that I've not heard of this place before. Next time I'm up in Kailua visiting my aunt I'll have to swing by!

  2. while the atmosphere is awesome at Kalapawai, and the coffee fresh and hot all day, you are really doing yourself a dis-service if you don't go back for dinner. After 5PM, they bring out the big guns and serve up some of Kailua's tastiest, lovingly-crafted dishes. We are lucky enough to live within walking distance and we frequent this little slice of heaven far too often - but the food and service is worth every penny.