Thursday, April 28, 2011

4 King's Kitchen

Not to be confused with 4 King's on Waialae Avenue in Kaimuki, this restaurant, 4 King's Kitchen is located on King Street across Fukuya and Sushi King, right next to Spices. What a gem this place is!! So glad I took Dad's advice and tried it. My dad had read many articles in the paper about this place and was very curious. Trying to live a healthy life means eating healthy, and this was the perfect place for that!

What are they known for? Using fresh and local ingredients to create local favorites, like Loco Moco and Beef Stew, but both with a unique twist. 4 King's Kitchen supports local ingredients first and foremost, and you can see this clearly on the menu. Lehua Honey BBQ sauce, 'Nalo greens, Grass-fed Big Island Ground Beef, North Shore Tomatoes are all special ingredients featured in Chef Kapolanialaimaka Kealoha's menu. Speaking of the Chef, he also came out to check on all of his tables in his restaurant to make sure everything tasted great, and just to talk story. It was such a nice humble touch that I really respect him for. You don't see that a lot nowadays.

Hours are Monday-Saturday 11am-9pm. I highly recommend this place, and I'll definitely be back. I've heard a favorite is the Local Style Beef Luau Stew. It mimics Squid Luau, but instead of squid, it includes beef, and there is no coconut milk in the dish. As enticing as it sounds already, it is also simmered a day before it is served! Sounds extra tasty!! Will post a follow-up very very soon!

What we tried and what I recommend-

Chinese Steamed Fresh Island Fish- Dad had this and enjoyed it very much. Since he is Chinese, he's very particular about his chinese steamed fish, but this met his high expectations. He especially liked that it was topped with lup cheong, being the old Chinese man that he is! I tasted a bite and loved the shiitake mushrooms because it was soaked in the sauce. So yummy!

"Not Your Normal Loco"- This was Mom's dish. I was hoping someone in my family would order it! This is a dish they are famous for. Instead of a regular beef burger, they use a fish burger made with fresh caught Mahi Mahi. So a Loco Moco can indeed be healthy!!! Man, this dish was heaven. The gravy itself was so so tasty. You could taste the shiitake mushroom in the gravy and it was oh-so buttery. This was not your ordinary gravy. The fish burger itself was also moist and not bland at all. Mom ate everything!

Seared Ahi Poke Salad- My dish! This was my favorite. Light and tasty, this was the perfect meal. The ahi poke was plentiful and flavorful, but not too salty, and it was seared perfectly. I loved the thicker-than-usual garlic aioli sauce on top of the "Sassy Mix" salad. It was very creamy- one of my favorite aiolis by far. It was also topped with creamy, local, fresh avocado slices. PERFECTION.

I'd recommend EVERY dish we tried.

There's even a little Keiki Menu featuring Grilled Cheese Sand, Hot Dog Sliders, Mini Burgers,
Fish Slides and Mac n Cheese! Such a gourmet Keiki Menu!

Doesn't the Apple Banana Cobbler Ala Mode sound absolutely delectable?

WHAT in the world are they doing with all that garlic?! YUM!

Chinese Steamed Fresh Island Fish- comes with Kim Chee AND Kim Chee Cucumbers

"Not Your Normal Loco"- comes with white or brown rice,
Kim Chee or Salad
Dressing was light and had a sweet taste- Hawaiian Ogo Vinaigrette

Absolutely delicious Seared Ahi Poke Salad with Garlic Aioli Sauce

After eating, do you ever feel like you shouldn't have taken those 2 last bites? You get that distended stomach feeling, have to loosen your belt, and feel like someone has to roll you out of the restaurant. In short, you feel awful. Well, you won't get that feeling at 4 King's Kitchen. The portions are perfect. All meals come with some kind of veggies or salad, and the plates aren't Big City Diner-gigantic. 4 King's Kitchen is a very healthy alternative to most of the unhealthy and heavy meals you usually find around Hawaii. Very reasonably-priced as well!! If you're looking for fresh, local favorites, this is your place.


  1. Wanted to check this place out since I drive by it pretty often. Looks like a good spot for a casual meal.